Minto; The Honesty and the Idiocy

Here’s some honesty and some idiocy from veteran Anti Apartheid activist, John Minto’s column in this morning’s Christchurch Press.

First the honesty

However in the 12 years since the election of the ANC to power, the political rights gained have led to no improvement in the social and economic position of the big majority of black South Africans. In fact, for most, their economic and social situation has worsened.

Ending apartheid was a symbolic victory only.

The proportion of South Africans living in absolute poverty almost doubled from 1996 to 2004.

Now the idiocy.

The reason is very simple and familiar. The ANC has followed the same, failed, free market ideology that has driven our economy for the past 20 years.


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6 thoughts on “Minto; The Honesty and the Idiocy

  1. When I read that I had to sigh, althougb I knew he will never get it. We have over a million South Africans that live in the UK and they have no intention to come back. This is mainly because of the racist policies of the ANC and their terrible fiscal management of the economy… far from free market.

  2. He’s got to be F*****g joking!Those left loonies have been doing everthing but apply free market policies.But I suppose to Minto everything that doesn’t involve gulags and 5 year plans is rampant capitalism.

    Read Jim Perons “Die, the beloved country:” for a blow by blow account of what happened when the ANC rose to power in SA.

  3. Maybe we should upgrade Minto’s software. That might be the problem. We just have to install a few new templates. What about: it’s all Bush’s fault?

    It’s an eminent familiar theme to New Zealanders but gives Minto the ability to recycle a lot of his columns and sounding in tune with the times.

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