Communist Party of China Expands Influence

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The Communist Party of China works hard to co-opt, buy, intimidate, influence and subvert political parties across the globe.

From the CPC International Department website;

Beijing, June 30 — The Communist Party of China (CPC) has carried out exchanges and cooperation with more than 570 political parties and organizations in 160 countries, the International Department of the CPC Central Committee said Wednesday.

Li Jun, a department spokesman, said at a press conference inter-Party communications have “opened a window” for the world to know the work of the CPC.

In the process of inter-Party communications, the CPC has drawn on the experiences of managing state affairs and learnt lessons from overseas political parties, Li said.


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2 thoughts on “Communist Party of China Expands Influence

  1. It drives you insane how they parade around as a democratic party, a person with no prior knowledge reading the material that comes out of CPC could easily walk away thinking China has a healthy democracy (they even talk of working with "other democratic parties").

    Yes they are an important trading party to, well, everyone, but to tolerate them on a political level is just disgusting. And it is to the shame of our own media that they are able to maintain such a decpetive image. There was a almost entirely unreported story last week involving a Tibetan, post-"re-education", thrown in front of cameras to lie about his treatment at the hands of the CPC. I found only 1 source relaying this to the rest of the world, and that was a 50 word spot on an editorial page…

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