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Years ago I asked Richard Prebble what was the most important attribute for a successful politician. He didn’t hesitate: courage.

I now know Preb was right. The rarest attribute amongst MPs—and the most important—is courage. Courage to stand up for your constituents, for your policies, for what you believe in, for your team. The courage to keep going when all seems lost.

The Preb taught me something else too. The public always watch the guy who’s on the trapeze with no net. Same routine with a net—not so interesting. “The trick my boy is to be up on that political trapeze, looking like there’s no net!”

Earlier this year I was asked if I would go Dancing. On TV. Live.

I hadn’t seen the last show. I knew nothing of it. I know nothing of dancing. I have never danced. I have never to the best of my memory ever danced at a party. It’s not something I do.

Dancing terrifies me. Dancing in front of people I just can’t do. And now I was asked to dance in front of the nation—live on TV.

I knew I had to do it. I couldn’t turn down a challenge like that. I would have to spend the rest of my life wondering if I could have done it or worse concluding that I was gutless.

I have now done four weeks dance training. It’s tough. It’s hard work. It’s frustrating. It requires enormous concentration. It’s fabulous fun.

My dance partner is Krystal Stuart. She’s a fabulous dancer. She’s also my teacher. She’s very patient. She’s—thankfully—got a good sense of humour.

I started not knowing what the beat was in the music. I didn’t know one step. I had to learn each step over and over. Then put them together into a movement. Then the movements together. Then to the music. And then with Krystal.

The first time I danced our waltz routine it was probably the ugliest dancing ever done. But the sense of achievement that I got was second to none. I danced it! All those steps that a few days earlier I couldn’t do were now put together into a dance.

I told the DWS producer that Epsom was my priority. Dancing would have to be second to the good people of Epsom who voted for me. She accepted that.

I have been managing Parliament. The truth is that even at half steam I do four times more than the average Labour MP.

Last night I spoke to One Tree Rotary. The members loved that I was dancing and wanted to hear all about it. They enjoyed the dancing stories and my dance demonstration with President Neil.

Because it’s fun. And because they like their MP to have courage. To be entertaining. And to be prepared to swing high overhead without the net.

And remember: it screens live starting Sunday May 7 TV One at 7:30.

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