Discover "Discover the Network."

Peter Cresswell at Not PC has a link to US writer David Horowitz’s excellent new site Discover the Network (link on sidebar). This site is a comprehensive look at the US left. It profiles socialists from the hard left to Hollywood’s “limousine liberals. Want to know what Sean Penn or Tim Robbins have been up to? Want to see which communists are leading the US anti war movement? Its all there.

The site also profiles several hundred groups and explains there interrelationships, funding and activities. Environmental, racial, radical Moslem, peace, socialist, “democratic”, academic, “religious”, the whole range.

Horowitz knows his stuff. Born into a New York communist family, Horowitz went on to become a leading figure in the “New Left” of the ’60s and ’70s. He edited the infamous “Ramparts” magazine and played a leading role in the anti Vietnam war movement. He would have become a US Keith Locke, had he not re-examined his beliefs
after witnessing the criminality of his “Black Panther” friends.

Now he is known as the scourge of the US left and is the author of several books and the president of the “Centre for the Study of Popular Culture” in Los Angeles.
Discover the Network was part of the inspiration for this blog. Check it out.


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