Exclusive: Democratic Socialists of America denies evidence of Bernie Sanders membership

Democratic Socialists of America wish Karl Marx a “Happy Birthday”

“…you do realize paying dues once does not necessarily make you a lifetime affiliate of DSA, don’t you?” – Democratic Socialists of America on Twitter, September 8, 2015

“How many times does one need to speak to the Ku Klux Klan before he is identified as a KKK sympathizer?” –Trevor Loudon

A tense Twitter exchange between Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and the author revealed some major inconsistencies regarding their claims about what it means to be a “member” of their Communist-friendly organization.

The DSA desires a government so massive that it would control all industry in the United States, flying in the face of the vision of America’s founding fathers, who imprinted the concepts of self-governance and the power of the individual into the character of America.

As written in DSA publication “Democratic Left” by David Green, Chair of the Detroit Democratic Socialists of America and one of DSA’s current National Political Committee Members:

“Our goal as socialists is to abolish private ownership of the means of production.”

Green, of course, describes communism.

The Twitter exchange started with the following:

The author was rewarded with a response:

After asking for evidence, the author gladly complied, armed with information obtained from Bernie Sanders’ page on Keywiki:

This was followed up with a response from the Democratic Socialists of America, who disputed the idea that they are communists or that Bernie Sanders was ever a member of the organization. 

As observed by Loudon,

DSA draws most of its ideas and inspiration from Chicago radical, Saul Alinsky, and Italian Communist Party theoretician, Antonio Gramsci.

The author responded with Green’s quote and with a screenshot of their birthday message to Karl Marx.

Notice in the second Twitter exchange that David Green can be seen watching Bernie Sanders address an audience of DSA members in Detroit.

DSA neglected to respond to Green’s quote or their birthday wishes to Karl Marx. They did, however, continue to deny that Bernie Sanders was ever a member of their organization.

While DSA is aggressively supporting Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential bid; they insisted on Twitter that despite the information in the newsletter, Sanders has never been a member of DSA.

After providing another link claiming that Sanders was a member of DSA (as well as Congressman Danny Davis) , DSA again denied Sanders’ membership, claiming it was “disinformation.”

As you can see in the above tweet, DSA also claimed that Congressman Danny K. Davis “isn’t a member” but after presented with claims to the contrary by their own magazine, DSA tweeted indignantly that “paying dues once does not necessarily make you a lifetime affiliate of DSA…”

While many leftists steer clear of the “communist” label, the ultimate goal of socialism is communism. In fact, the DSA and the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) (whose platform prominently features the need for socialism) recently even had talks about merging their organizations.

More photos linking Bernie Sanders to DSA can be found at TrevorLoudon.com.

Americans must realize that the Democratic party has been completely hijacked by pro-communist socialists to the point where there is no distinguishable difference between socialism and today’s democrat party, as evidenced recently by Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) during an exchange with Chris Matthews on MSNBC.

DSA Madison chimed in, claiming that Sanders as a DSA member in their 2014 newsletter was a “misprint.”


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