Want to Know Who the Enemies of the Republic Are?: Why KeyWiki is Better Than Wikipedia

Wikipedia is an amazing source of information, but it has one glaring weakness.


Because anyone can edit Wikipedia, unflattering or controversial information about politicians or public figures is very easily removed or “censored.”

That applies particularly to the political left. It is a waste of time adding something about a contemporary politician’s socialist ties or communist background… it will be deleted faster than you can type it.

The left has armies of trolls, surfing the net, purging all information that reflects badly on their heroes.

That fault is exploited by the left to give the public a totally distorted view of many leading politicians.

Our sister site KeyWiki is different. Only approved people can edit our profiles. We’ve had several leftists, including the editor of Communist Party’s People’s World offer to help us. We have politely declined. Only vetted people may edit or alter our pages.

Check out Wikipedia’s page on communist poet Frank Marshall Davis.


Zero about Davis’s long time membership of the Communist Party USA. Zero about the FBI’s 600 page file on the man. Zero about Davis’ mentorship of the young Barack Obama. The two most important features of Davis’ life get ZERO coverage in Wikipedia.

Woefully inadequate and misleading to put it mildly! Dangerous even, because many people swear by Wikipedia.

Now check out the KeyWiki page on Frank Marshall Davis.

Which is more informative? Which better reveals the true character of the man? The reasons why we should be concerned over his links to President Obama.

Check out Wikipedia’s page on Vermont’s socialist Senator Bernie Sanders. Virtually nothing on his extensive Marxist background. Compare it to KeyWiki’s article on comrade Sanders.

The same disparities can be found with thousands of US politicians and public figures.

KeyWiki has had more than 30,000,000 page views. We are a growing and much needed resource. We are fast becoming the first port of call for anyone seeking to understand the hidden power and breadth of the US left.

Where else but KeyWiki can you get this uncensored information? Who else has the tenacity to gather this information and the willingness to disseminate it?

Do you want KeyWiki to continue and grow? We need your support!

Please help the KeyWiki team get this vital information before the American public.

Help us to research and input more information on the US’ leading leftist politicians and public figures.

Please contribute today!


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