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Yes They Did!: Barack Obama, Cesar Chavez and Their Common Communist Roots

When President Barack Obama recently paid tribute to the late United Farm Workers union leader Richard Chavez, he was in effect, saluting his own roots….

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‘Bulls**t!’: Al Gore Becomes Even More ‘Unhinged’ Than Usual, During Climate Change Speech

Addressing the Aspen Institute in Colorado on Aug. 4, the former vice president declared that skeptics “pay pseudo-scientists to pretend to be scientists to put…

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Rep. Dan Burton: The Danger of Underestimating Obama

A very timely warning from Rep. Dan Burton of Indiana. From the Washington Times: It is a cardinal mistake in any competition, be it sports…

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“Fast and Furious”

Arizona’s Terry J. Lovell explains the “Fast and Furious” scandal.

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Lulu Belle & Scotty – “I’m No Communist” (1952)

Tell me one lyric in this song that doesn’t apply today!

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American Labor’s “Tet Offensive”

The US labor movement is on the ropes.  Membership is way down and they are having huge problems gaining public support. As leading SEIU activist…

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“Britain is a Riot”

The always great Pat Condell on the recent British riots. Any Western policeman or upright citizen could relate to this.

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Russia Today on the British Riots

Cute little Russia Today propaganda video on the British riots. Socialist governments create huge social problems with open immigration and massive welfare spending. Communist agitators…

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Stakelbeck on Terror: August 9, 2011

Excellent episode. Worth a view. Stakelbeck on Terror: August 9, 2011 – by cbnonline

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Egyptian Socialist Tells Britons: “The Chances for Marxist Revolutionaries World Wide are Unprecedented”

Egyptian Revolutionary Socialist Sameh Naguib, addresses the British Socialist Workers Party’s very recent Marxism 2011 conference in London. A chilling analysis of unfolding Middle Eastern…

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Israel’s Internal Enemies on the March

Beset with opposition on every side, from Beirut, Tehran, to Moscow, Cairo, the West Bank and the White House, Israel also has to contend with its…

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Why People Are Rioting – a Statement From the British Socialist Workers Party

The Trotskyites of the British Socialist Workers Party have been stirring up trouble in the UK for decades. Their Marxist counterparts played a big role…

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Glenn Beck on Israeli TV

Great clarity here from Glenn “If you disarm Israel, there will be no Israel and no peace…”

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“La Rage”

People wonder why European youth seem so ready to burn and trash their own communities at the slightest provocation. This hypnotic, subliminal 2006 video from…

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Lord Monckton in New Zealand Exposing “Climate Change” Scam

This footage was shot in Whangarei, New Zealand on August the 6th, 2011. The talk was hosted by Farmers of New Zealand. Footage shown was…

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