Egyptian Socialist Tells Britons: “The Chances for Marxist Revolutionaries World Wide are Unprecedented”

Egyptian Revolutionary Socialist Sameh Naguib, addresses the British Socialist Workers Party’s very recent Marxism 2011 conference in London.

A chilling analysis of unfolding Middle Eastern revolutions and their implications for the entire Western world.

Executing presidents, burning buildings, attacking police. Its all a big laugh for these people


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7 thoughts on “Egyptian Socialist Tells Britons: “The Chances for Marxist Revolutionaries World Wide are Unprecedented”

  1. The Egyptian economy was already basically state ran. I believe gasoline was something like 30 cents per gallon due to subsidization, at least before the revolution. They already had socialism, to a degree. They had/have lots of corruption, which is a cultural issue in that part of the World, and corruption is also inseparable from authoritarianism, which is inseparable from socialism. In the end, the Egyptians will have swapped one corrupt authoritarian system for another–that’s all socialism is really. “The achievement of socialism requires the solution of some extremely difficult socio-political problems: how is it possible, in view of the far-reaching centralization of political and economic power, to prevent bureaucracy from becoming all-powerful and overweening? How can the rights of the individual be protected and therewith a democratic counterweight to the power of bureaucracy be assured?” Albert Einstein supported socialism because he thought it the most moral system, but he acknowledged the dangers of the authoritarianism inherent to it. It’s too bad these Marxists don’t realize this. It’s ironic that they’re fighting against the very thing they think they’re fighting for.

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