The Deep State Threatens a Five-Year-Old Girl

By: Cliff Kincaid

Stephen K. Bannon decided to be a martyr rather than give his two cents to the J6 congressional committee.  It’s too bad. He can conduct very good interviews of prominent figures, such as Hunter Biden’s former girlfriend, Lunden Roberts, talking about threats on her life and her five-year-old daughter.

Every American should watch this interview, conducted on June 26, one day before Biden’s debate with Trump.

Can you imagine if this matter had been brought up? Joe would have reduced to even more of a mess.

Lunden Roberts lives with her daughter in Arkansas, the home state of the Clintons. You don’t cross the Clintons, she said. Otherwise, “you go missing, or something happens to you…That’s what I’ve always heard.”

Just ask former Clinton White House lawyer Vincent Foster.

As for Bannon, a former Trump aide, he talks for a living but wouldn’t talk to the J6 committee. As the old saying goes, “You made your bed, now lie in it.” He wanted to stay out of prison so he could continue to talk about the election campaign.

He whined about being held in contempt of Congress until the last minute when the Supreme Court refused to keep him out of prison. Now he’s going to the slammer.

Conservatives and Trump supporters must understand that Bannon is not a political prisoner. Yes, the J6 committee was biased, slanted, and illegitimate. But plenty of good people decided to testify, including Donald Trump Jr. and Stephen Miller. They knew it was a kangaroo court but decided to go ahead with the confrontation with the witch hunters anyway.  

The only way to fight them was by exercising the right of freedom of speech and confronting them. Bannon decided not to. Now he’s going to jail. That was his decision. Don’t weep any tears for him.

However, I will say this about that: Bannon’s interview with Lunden Roberts should be watched by every American concerned about their country and the existence of a Deep State that seeks to intimidate or even murder its political opponents.

Lunden Roberts had Hunter Biden’s child, now five years old, and has written a book, Out of the Shadows, about her experiences. The most explosive parts of the interview, in my view, concerned the safety and security of her daughter, who was finally acknowledged to be Hunter Biden’s after a paternity suit.

Her daughter’s name is Navy Joan Roberts. They live in a small town in Arkansas and have been forced to rely on their own guard dogs and guns when her family has been threatened and in danger.

The highlights included:

  • She and her daughter were forced on occasion to hide out in the woods in an isolated cabin, fearing what might happen to them.
  • “My house has been broken into,” she says.
  • “There were threats against her safety,” Roberts said about her daughter.
  • They have guard dogs for protection.
  • She has numerous firearms for protection, including a Glock and shotguns.
  • The deadbolt on her front door was disabled and fell on the floor, waking everybody up.

This interview that she gave to Bannon on the Real America’s Voice network is absolutely shocking, even to a veteran observer of Washington’s corrupt ways like myself, and adds to the perception and in fact the reality that a Deep State operates in America and is serving the interests of the Biden (Obama) regime.

After 40 years of covering Washington, D.C., the Roberts interview only confirms the corrupt nature of the “establishment” that has run the nation’s capital at least until Trump arrived on the scene, and then they tried to destroy him.

For some reason, probably having to do with his break with the Clintons, Trump became their enemy of the state number one. Remember that Trump questioned the “suicide” of Clinton lawyer Vincent Foster after his body was dumped in a public park.  That Trump comment was enough to convince the Deep State that Trump would dig up too many scandals. 

Since the Bidens and their family have federal protection, Bannon asked, why not Navy Joan and her mom?

We know that Joe Biden, who calls Trump a man with no morals, has not met with his granddaughter. Neither has Jill Biden. Hence, Lunden Roberts and her daughter do not deserve to be protected. That is the sick and disgusting way Washington works.

“I am fully loaded and armed at all times,” Lunden Roberts said.  “We’re armed at the house.”

She said they have a security system at the house. Every night, she said, she positions her guard dogs at various locations to detect intruders and then they “barricade ourselves in a room.”

The door is locked and she has access to a rifle, a shotgun, and a Glock in each nightstand. She says she has other weapons hidden in the house.

Bannon exhibited a nervous laugh when she recited the armaments she had to protect her family.  I was greatly impressed by the courage of this woman to go public with these revelations.

However, I put those self-defense weapons in the context of what federal agencies like the FBI and the ATF are known to use against certain dissenters and questionable characters in American society.

Even Google can give you the facts about Ruby Ridge and Waco.

This young woman came across as a one-woman army for the purpose of protecting her daughter against the Biden family and the Obama personnel directing his administration.

I hope that if Trump gets another opportunity to debate Joe Biden, the matter of his grandchild is brought up.

She said her lawyer has informed Hunter Biden of these threats to her family’s safety but “nothing has ever been done.” Her only explanation for the official indifference to this dire security situation is that the girl is not considered family, even though DNA proves her to be Hunter Biden’s child.

Talk about Trump’s morals!

What about the morals of Joe Biden in the face of this assault against his granddaughter?

It’s too bad Bannon decided to go to prison rather than continue with interviews like this that shed light on the unprecedented political corruption in American society.

The Lunden Roberts interview should seal Joe Biden’s political fate and her eyewitness testimony to political corruption at the highest levels of our government should be the subject of immediate congressional hearings.    

In the meantime, the Trump campaign should announce that it will pay for a private or personal protection detail for Navy Joan Roberts and her mother and family. Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.


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