How the FBI Protects the Swamp

By: Cliff Kincaid

Both sides are claiming the FBI can or will get to the bottom of the Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault matter. The Kavanaugh accuser’s backers say she wants a full FBI investigation of her charges, and that a former FBI agent conducted a lie detector test that she passed. Kavanaugh’s backers say the FBI has already conducted a background investigation of Kavanaugh.

The FBI comes out of this controversy as some authoritative source of information about peoples’ personal lives. Isn’t that convenient for a law enforcement agency under fire for its political motives and investigations?

“I strongly support Dr. Ford’s call for an FBI investigation before a hearing is held,” Senate Democratic leader Senator Chuck Schumer said. “Dr. Ford’s call for the FBI to investigate also demonstrates her confidence that when all the facts are examined by an impartial investigation, her account will be further corroborated and confirmed.”

President Trump countered, “That’s not what they [the FBI] do. They have done now, supposedly, six background checks as Judge Kavanaugh has gone beautifully up a ladder.”

That’s a strange use of the word “supposedly,” and the phrase “up the ladder” is how former prosecutor Miguel Rodriquez had characterized Kavanaugh and other young lawyers in the office of Independent Counsel (OIC) Ken Starr when they were engineering the cover-up of the murder of Clinton White House lawyer Vincent Foster. The OIC had used the FBI to help cover-up the evidence that somebody drove Foster to Ft. Marcy Park, just minutes from CIA headquarters, where his body was found and a gun planted in his hand. Rodriguez quit under pressure for resisting the cover-up. He said those who were part of the cover-up would move up the ladder.

A major section of the authoritative website is devoted to Kavanaugh’s role in the cover-up of the murder of Foster.

As far as the “six background checks” on Kavanaugh are concerned, let’s see them. Did FBI agents go back in time to investigate the party atmosphere at Kavanagh’s Catholic high school Georgetown Prep? Did they examine allegations of sexual assault? Were the results of the investigations provided to the White House?  Did they ever interview Kavanaugh friend Mark Judge, a former alcoholic who claims not to remember any sexual assault?

Other questions also emerge: if the FBI discovered this allegation in a background check, did the FBI leak it? Or did somebody in the White House, perhaps a member of the resistance, with access to the information leak it?

This is the same FBI which tolerated agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page conducting an affair and plotting against Trump. Clearly, the FBI doesn’t conduct adequate background investigations of its own employees.

Back in 2004, when the FBI was investigating the post 9/11 anthrax attacks, then-director Robert Mueller, who is now the Russia-gate prosecutor, ordered the draining of a Maryland pond, at a cost of $250,000, in order to find “evidence” of the crime. Investigators found an old bicycle, a gun and a minnow trap that some anonymous government sources tried to portray as a biological warfare device. This effort was part of an effort to frame Dr. Steven Hatfill for the anthrax attacks. He sued the FBI and the Justice Department and won millions of dollars in damages. The FBI then blamed another scientist for the anthrax attacks, and he killed himself when the persecution became too much to bear. The evidence suggests Islamists from al Qaeda carried out the attacks with anthrax stolen from a U.S. lab.

In the Foster case, the FBI was part of a Deep State effort to get a grand jury witness, Patrick Knowlton, to change his story about what he saw at Ft. Marcy Park outside of Washington D.C. Knowlton said he never saw Foster’s car, a silver Honda, at the time we know Foster’s body was dead in the park. Instead, he saw a brown car and a suspicious individual. He testified as to what he saw and a young prosecutor named Brett Kavanaugh put his name on a subpoena that resulted in Knowlton being harassed by government agents on the streets of Washington, D.C. to change his story. Knowlton never buckled to the pressure, a reason why his story is still to this day told in detail on the website Nobody knows exactly why Foster was killed, but he had NSA binders in his possession and an FBI expert on sex crimes was assigned to the case.

FBI background investigations provide lots of raw information that lead people to different conclusions about the person in question. Their investigations can be superficial and politically-motivated. Haven’t we seen enough of this in the Trump case?

Was the Senate ever told, when John Brennan was up for CIA director under President Obama, that Brennan had voted communist in 1976? Did the FBI uncover that fact in its background investigation? We know that the Senate voted to confirm him by a 63-34 vote. Even then-Senator Dan Coats, now Trump’s Director of National Intelligence, had voted to confirm Brennan.  Other Republican “yes” votes included Richard Burr, Susan Collins, Bob Corker, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham, Orrin Hatch, and John McCain.

Conservative public interest attorney Larry Klayman suggests that Kavanaugh and his accuser take polygraph examinations from a reputable independent polygraph examiner. This makes some sense. But the other person said to be in the room, Kavanaugh friend Mark Judge, should also take one. However, he has hired a lawyer and has refused to testify under oath on Kavanaugh’s behalf.

If we truly want to get to the bottom of this mess and understand what really drives Kavanaugh, consider the falsehoods told by his main character witness and former boss, Ken Starr, whose new book Contempt claims that Foster “parked his car” at Ft. Marcy Park and “pulled out a pistol that had been in his family for two generations” and shot himself. None of this is true. The car was not Foster’s and the gun was not his. But a variation of this cover story is what Kavanaugh, under orders from Starr, put into his final report. Kavanaugh has told the Senate Judiciary Committee that his report on Foster’s death has “stood the test of time,” a completely bogus claim.

The FBI won’t dispute that because the bureau was in on the cover-up. So, once again, we see both sides in the bipartisan Swamp accepting the honesty of the FBI to do background investigations when no trust is warranted. It’s a phony debate to allow business as usual to continue.

All of this could have been avoided if President Trump had nominated a good conservative pro-life woman to the Supreme Court. Instead, he listened to his White House counsel and Washington insider Don McGhan and nominated Kavanaugh, another Washington insider who grew up in the Swamp and has served it faithfully.

The betting at this point is that Trump will probably get Kavanaugh confirmed and then lose the House and Senate. He will get no more Supreme Court picks confirmed. By then, McGahn will have left the White House and returned to his firm Jones Day, which is representing Catholic cover-up artist Cardinal Donald Wuerl. This part of the Swamp, which includes the Catholic hierarchy and Georgetown Prep, counts Kavanaugh as a proud member in good standing. They will protect their party boy and will have a lot of leverage over him.

On the court, Kavanaugh will vote to protect abortion rights and homosexual rights as “settled law.” Conservatives will lose again.

Isn’t it funny how the Swamp always survives and thrives? They are never without legal representation and intelligence agencies to do their bidding.


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1 thought on “How the FBI Protects the Swamp

  1. America has always known something wasn’t right with the government. It took Trump to shine a light and make it on full display. It wasn’t just him it was the press secretary exposing the media lies and fighting back along with the fact he tried to keep his campaign promises and was met with as much opposition from is own party as he did with the democrats. I personally noticed that all the issues that President Trump had tried to do were the same ones that Republicans had said they wanted to but couldn’t for some reason or another. Its all a game the checks and balances aren’t there because both parties are in on the deal, the cover up and the scam. Both parties have sold out and we know what the Republicans will do. Vote and sound conservative in front of the camera like they are fighting for our rights but in reality the opposite is the fact. The evil went all the way to the VP as his whole cabinet was never Trump appointees.
    What was exposed was the Republicans have always said when democrats are in office we need the senate to get things done, then they had that it became give us the house and we will make good on the campaign promises then the goal became give us the Presidency. So they have both champers of congress and the White House and still for some reason can’t seem to get the basic campaign promises done. What President Trump tried to in the first 2 years was the republican had said they needed to get thing right and clean up government and make things right again but still couldn’t pass legislation to get the Will of the people done; such as the boarder crisis, any issue.
    Now we know that it didn’t matter who was in office, who held which chamber of congress the people’s agenda and WILL was never going to get done. This is why the republican party of the never Trump or the deep state from the beginning exposed and the light kept shinning on how deep the deep state corruption went. The EVIL & CORRUPTION runs deeper and is more corrupt and EVIL then anyone thought. It is in all branches of government leadership and agencies from the top down and bottom up. But what I don’t understand is this; I have often wondered about the Foster (suicide) that was always suspicious at the least and reeked of a cover -up and inside job and never a suicide and the many other unexplained deaths that came afterwards. Why, did the conservative media go all in with the appointment of Kavanaugh? Why didn’t the accuser remember more facts? I had always believed he was possibly a party boy and something happened but what I wasn’t sure because she didn’t seem like a credible witness and the democrats didn’t want him confirmed, WHY? I would like to see the back ground checks the FBI did on Kavanaugh I missed this and gave them credibility when I shouldn’t have. Thank you for the hard work and the questions and why weren’t you interviewed by the conservative media? WE now see just how little of a conservative Kavanaugh really since he has been appointed along with the female, Justice, Amy Barret. I have been very disappointed in the appointees.
    But the Supreme Court isn’t today look anything like what our Founding Fathers had said the purpose of the Supreme Court was to be.
    Its time we teach the Constitution and not a watered down version of it.

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