Following A Debt Deal Debacle, A Broken Border, And Corruption At The Top Levels Of Government, What Now?

By: Roger Aronoff | CCNS

Following a debt deal debacle, a broken border, and corruption at the top levels of government, what now?

With the extended drama over the debt ceiling hike behind us, having passed a compromise deal agreed to by Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden, the good news is that we don’t have to see it play out anymore. Several observations: Kevin McCarthy had a very strong hand that he didn’t play very well. What he should have done was to point out every time he was in front of a microphone that talk of an imminent, catastrophic default was a lie, as was the idea that the GOP was holding the Democrats and the good faith and credit of the U.S. hostage. Yes, compromise was necessary, but he gave up too much, too easily, and the result is that the Biden spending orgy will continue unabated to continue pushing his reckless policies.

The Democrats and their pals in the media are gloating about how they had to act like they were making painful compromises so as not to rub it in and possibly lose more Republican House members, and they feel this gives them the added talking point that Joe Biden is really a historic president, playing the game with skill and wisdom while achieving great things for the country.

Basically, there is easily enough money coming in so that Treasury could prioritize payments, to make sure the U.S. paid principal and interest on the national debt, and not default. And there would be enough to keep paying Social Security and Medicare, and most other entitlements, earned or not. As James Agresti of Just Facts Daily points out, “Federal law requires the Treasury to pay the debt, and the federal government has ample revenues to do so. So if there is a default, it will only be because the Biden administration breaks the law.”

Another interesting take on this is from Issues & Insights, which writes in an editorial, “This fight has always been a sideshow. It’s the debt itself that poses the real and immediate crisis. And this debt ceiling bill does absolutely nothing to address that.”

Perhaps if no deal was reached, parts of the government would have had to shut down, some payments to left-wing organizations might have to be delayed, maybe some Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion officers would have to be let go, and the federal government might have to cut the number in half of drag shows in Ecuador we’re paying for.

Or maybe we cut back on the billions of dollars going to left-wing NGOs to process and accommodate the 5-10 million illegal immigrants that have come into the U.S. since Biden became president.

As the Heritage Foundation pointed out last month, “What started out decades ago as faith-based organizations supporting the State Department to resettle genuine refugees in the U.S. after a legitimate application process has evolved into mass illegal immigration and downstream activities, creating an immigration industrial complex worth billions of dollars.”

Basically, the deal gives the Biden regime the ability to borrow unabated by any dollar limits. McCarthy had gotten his caucus to agree to a $1.5 trillion debt ceiling hike for about a year, and now we find out it was his insistence that this deal last until 2025, after the next presidential election, without a dollar limit. Can they limit and control spending through the appropriations process? That is the hope and the promise from supporters of the deal. McCarthy could have stuck to his guns and said, we’ve done our part, passing the Limit, Save, Grow bill, and the only way we’ll default is if the Democrats decide to do so, by not prioritizing payments. So let the Senate pass a bill and send it to us to go to conference and work it out there. Instead, with the only actual deal on the table, he made further concessions before anything else was put on the table.

Once Biden caved, after 97 days of swearing he wouldn’t negotiate, he then put us in crisis mode. “Holding us hostage,” they cried. “How Biden and McCarthy struck a debt limit deal and staved off a catastrophe,” is how the AP headlined an article. The motto appears to be, “Rule by fear,” with a near-totally complicit media. McCarthy should have been the truth-teller and forced the Democrats and the media to explain why it would necessarily be a catastrophe.

In the meantime, we keep learning more about how corrupt the Biden family is, and the reality of the coup that removed Donald Trump from office, as opposed to the coup that they claim Trump was attempting in his effort to “overturn the 2020 election.”

While the Durham report mostly reiterated what we already knew, namely that Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Biden, Hillary, and Obama orchestrated the plot to get Trump, lying to and deceiving the FISA court while Peter Strzok had his “insurance” policy in case Trump got elected. We’ve also learned that the letter saying that the Hunter Biden laptop story “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation,” and signed by 51 former intelligence officials, was another deep state plot to help Joe Biden win the election. FBI Director Chris Wray remained silent, though he clearly knew that the laptop was Hunter’s and not a Russian creation, having possessed it for 10 months prior to that letter. The cancerous problem, then and now, is the corrupted Justice and Intelligence agencies that serve the Left, in this case, the Democrat Party.

We also saw this week the collapse of FBI Director Wray’s determination to not reveal the FD-1023 confidential human source form, but not before he was informed that the House Oversight Committee’s Chairman James Comer already had seen it but wants to know what the FBI has done about investigating it. According to John Solomon of Just the News, it “contains uncorroborated allegations that an informant provided the FBI in June 2020 alleging that Joe Biden, when he was vice president, was engaged in a bribery scheme to change US policy in return for $5 million to his family’s businesses, lawmakers have said.” Not yet confirmed, but based on what else we know about the Biden family, it’s probably true. And even if not, we have proof of the $31 million the Biden family took in five deals with Chinese businessmen linked to CCP intelligence and the recently revealed bank records of the $1 million from a Romanian that went to about a dozen Biden family members.

When you add in the complete breakdown of security at our southern border, and failure to enforce our immigration laws, while lying about the security of the border, Joe Biden’s impeachment should be the end result. The level of corruption of the President and the top people in the FBI and DHS leaves that as the only option. It is clear that the DOJ or the FBI won’t do anything about Biden family corruption. They are too focused on Trump, and not on the crimes ongoing right before their nose. The Senate won’t remove him (perhaps thankfully so), but it would be the necessary stain on his character, to help the world understand who he really is.


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