Obama Defeats The Republicans In Virginia

By: Cliff Kincaid

John Gizzi of Newsmax, the best conservative political reporter in the United States today, has rendered the verdict – Virginia’s Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin is finished as a presidential candidate. The problem isn’t the Republican National Committee chairwoman, Ronna McDaniel. It is Youngkin’s brand of conservatism. And that sends a message to Republicans around the nation. So-called “compromise” on the hot-button issues will not win elections.

Virginia’s elections were such a defeat for Youngkin that a Democratic Party porn star, whose “sex work” had been featured online, almost won her race. She lost by less than 1000 votes to a Republican. Democrats in Virginia had defended her after her sex scandal broke.

At this rate, if present trends continue, porn stars will not only be running in greater numbers on the Democratic Party ticket but they will be winning. Perhaps the Republicans will compete by running their own porn stars. That would further demonstrate their organizational problems and lack of leadership.

The results proved that the Democratic Party is dedicated to abortion for any reason and that this issue alone motivates its voters to get to the polls. Youngkin wanted to compromise, allowing abortion up to a certain time limit in the pregnancy. That was a loser that did not please pro-life Americans.

Results in other states also added “recreational marijuana” as a motivating factor for the Democrats. Pundits laughed about it, but it is no laughing matter, as demonstrated by the brain damage caused by the drug and its link to gun violence.

With an economy in decline and wars in Europe and the Middle East, the election results demonstrate that many people are motivated by the idea of smoking marijuana and aborting babies. These are many of the Democratic Party voters. The reasonable response should be to condemn this immoral approach and challenge Americans to return to the Judeo-Christian traditions of their ancestors. It’s called leadership.

Gizzi reported that after his party “failed miserably in a drive backed personally by Youngkin to capture the state senate,” Youngkin’s dreams of a White House bid “have evaporated.” Gizzi added, “Worse, Youngkin even lost Republican control of the lower House of Delegates to the Democrats.”

Gizzi noted that, in the last week, Democrats “brought in their MVP, former President Barack Obama, who was on robocalls to an estimated 100,000 voters in select districts.”

This is the same Obama we wrote three books about, as he is in charge of the “Permanent Revolution” gripping America and which has solid control over the Democratic Party.

As we saw in Virginia, the legacy of our first Marxist president has had a lasting impact. It remains to be seen whether Obama’s revolution can be stopped in its tracks now that acceptance of mind-altering drugs is even affecting so-called “conservatives” like Rep. Nancy Mace, a South Carolina Republican who wants to federally legalize marijuana.

Clearly, the Republican Party is demoralized and confused.

On Fox News, Senator Ted Cruz is promoting his latest bookUnwoke: How to Defeat Cultural Marxism in America, which is being released far too late to make a difference.

Back in 2015, eight years ago, we released the report, “Cultural Marxism and America’s Moral Collapse,” explaining how all of this has happened. Cruz adds nothing to the debate. At this stage in Obama’s Permanent Revolution, America needs serious legislators and serious solutions, not more outdated books about problems we exposed almost a decade ago.

At the time, 2015, my group, America’s Survival, Inc. held a National Press Club conference formally titled “Crimes against Nature and the Constitution: Cultural Marxism and America’s Moral Collapse.” We noted that the Republican Party, under the influence of high-priced consultants, had proven to be incapable of understanding, let alone combating, cultural Marxism, and the liberal media elites.

It was Karl Rove, the GOP consultant on Fox, who had advised Republicans not to call Obama a socialist.

Eight years later, as we see in Virginia, the problem has gotten worse. Most Republicans over the years were afraid to confront the homosexual lobby. We identified the Republican billionaires who were either endorsing or pumping millions of dollars into the campaign to normalize homosexual activity, even “gay marriage.”

The result of this well-funded campaign was to destroy the winning Reagan coalition of social, economic, and foreign policy conservatives. “Some Republican Party elites are trying to marginalize and isolate traditional conservatives – as well as drive millions of Christians out of the Republican Party,” I said at the time.

It has happened.

Now we have definitive proof that the Youngkin approach of “consensus” on abortion is a losing message.

In addition to our three books on Obama, we released a video on how President Obama had admitted to being “schooled” as a young man by a communist in Hawaii named Frank Marshall Davis. It went viral on YouTube, with about 180,000 views in just six days.

Frank Marshall Davis was a weed-smoking sex pervert.

Last year, a total of 500 of our videos on issues like communism, homosexuality, abortion, and election integrity were deleted by YouTube in a massive censorship campaign that we now know was coordinated through the Biden Administration and various federal agencies.

This further represents the consolidation of a communist dictatorship in America, with control by the elites over the means of communication, a key plank of the communist manifesto. They feared our message. They feared our influence.

As we noted in our report on cultural Marxism, the book, The Rise of Gay Rights and the Fall of the British Empire: Liberal Resistance and the Bloomsbury Group examined how an elite and influential group of “close friends” in Britain lived “experimental” lives that included “gay love.” As the title implies, the author asserts, with significant evidence, that the rise of the homosexual movement in Britain corresponds with the decline of the nation as a world power.

Similarly, America has been in decline because of the perverted elites in both major political parties. These are the people who refused to call Barack Hussein Obama a Marxist. These are the people who believe you can compromise with the cultural Marxists on issues like abortion, homosexuality, and drugs.

The election results in Virginia, Ohio, and other states will be repeated under the present leadership of the Republican Party. In 2024, however, the stakes will be greater.

  • Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc. usasurvival.org

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