Saving America by Saving Ukraine

By: Cliff Kincaid

Some say the elections prove that Americans are either too stupid or lazy to save themselves.  But anti-communist Ukraine, hindered by massive corruption and Biden’s no-win policy, fights on. This should give us hope.

Here, the new Republican strategy to win the White House is to hope 80-year-old China Joe ends up with drool on his face during a debate. That means all of the investigations and hearings are for naught. China Joe may be impeached but he will never be convicted since the Senate Republicans are a minority. To make matters worse, Republicans have joined Senate Democrats to pass a gay marriage bill. They have ceded ground in the culture wars.

As an “opposition” party, the Republicans seem dazed and confused.

Even some “conservatives,” such as Stephen K. Bannon, are dazed and confused. “We don’t have a side in this fight,” he says of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

With such a statement, Bannon and his ilk ignore the history of Ukraine’s fight for independence, including Stalin’s 1930’s murder of millions of people in Ukraine, mass murder known as the Holodomor, or death by starvation. The modern Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began in 2014 under Barack Hussein Obama, represents more of the same. Former KGB colonel Putin took this genocide to another level under Biden.

This winter, Putin is using the weapon of starvation again, as he attempts to destroy Ukraine’s infrastructure.  

Under these circumstances, America has no alternative but to supply the weapons necessary for Ukraine to survive and even turn the tide against Russia.

How on earth can Americans turn their backs on these freedom-loving people? Russia invaded Ukraine, not the reverse.

For America, this means the presidential year of 2024 is crucial.

After Trump was evicted from the White House in 2020, betrayed by members of his inner circle, how are we supposed to conclude the Republicans will do any better without Trump in 2024? Nobody fights like Trump. He is the only candidate in Republican history, except for Ronald Reagan, to have assembled a coalition of voters who believe in national sovereignty and individual freedom. Without him, the party is floundering.

A Red Wave in one state, Florida, doesn’t mean Governor DeSantis is ready for the national stage. Only Trump has been tested nationally. His presidency meant peace. His Reagan-style peace-through-strength strategy kept China, Russia, and North Korea at bay. 

At this point, it looks like the Republicans won’t even bother with China Joe’s impeachment. Instead, they will impeach lower-level people, looking tough as they accumulate face time on Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News channel.

Meanwhile, Fox News has gone far-left, hiring former Bernie Sanders henchman Tulsi Gabbard, as a result of Tucker’s recommendation, and she can be counted on to agitate for a Russian win over Ukraine, just like Tucker. It’s an absolute disgrace for a “conservative” channel to cheerlead for the destruction of a free and independent country. In conduct unbecoming, she is using her military service as a soapbox for sabotaging Ukraine’s freedom and independence.

Sadly, I still come across many conservatives who think anti-communist Ukraine, which was invaded by Red Russia, is somehow the villain.

As a fellow conservative, I don’t know when Tucker soured on the anti-communist cause. But I do know Ukraine was going through an anti-communist revolution when Russia first invaded in 2014. I do know Tucker has gone into the “looney left” camp with his reliance on Glenn Greenwald, the close associate of NSA defector Edward Snowden, now a Russian citizen.

Now, Tucker is on a honeymoon with Tulsi, always a favorite of the Russia Today propaganda channel and a “former” Democrat who supported Bernie Sanders for president. She had a cozy meeting with the Russian-backed Syrian dictator and even has Chinese communist ties, as documented by analyst Trevor Loudon.

She attacks her critics as warmongers and seems to favor a Fortress America, where people do yoga and meditate, oblivious to external threats. Gabbard, the first Hindu member of Congress, was allegedly associated with a branch of a controversial eastern religious organization that some describe as a cult.

My fellow conservatives should look into her New Age background and not buy her “former Democrat” act.

At a time when a new direction for conservatives is desperately needed, the Fox News embrace of Gabbard is another example of backsliding into the Russian camp by those who see former KGB colonel Putin as a Christian leader. This is an old Russian ploy designed to fool and dupe traditional conservatives. It continues to pay dividends for Putin.

Yet, Fox News boss Rupert Murdoch is giving a media platform for pro-Russia commentary from Tucker and Tulsi while using his other media resources, such as the New York Post, to attack Donald J. Trump, blaming him for Red Wave losses on November 8.

Trump can’t be blamed for those losses. Trump wasn’t on the ballot and his voters were not enthusiastic about some of those candidates who were.

Let’s remember, however, that Trump, as president, stood up to Russia (and China) and urged Europe to confront Putin’s iron group on their energy resources. 

Even under Biden’s no-win strategy, which denies Ukraine the weapons they need to overcome and completely reverse Red Russia’s invasion, the people of this brave anti-communist former Soviet republic are still inflicting devastating losses on the Red Army. They are showing the kind of grit and determination that the American people have lost.

Putin’s paid and unpaid liars conveniently ignore the recent court judgment finding definitive evidence that a Russian BUK missile destroyed Malaysian flight MH17, killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew on board, in Russian-occupied eastern Ukraine.

Many find it hard to believe that in fact, Russia has become a reincarnation of the old Soviet regime. We told the truth in our book, Back from the Dead: The Return of the Evil Empire.

The Kremlin has more nuclear weapons than the United States, a fact that leads some to conclude we should abandon Ukraine. That makes it even more necessary and imperative for the United States to support Ukraine and weaken Russia. Such an effort requires no commitment of U.S. troops on the ground in Ukraine.

A free Ukraine can serve as a shining example for America.  A victory in Ukraine can be an inspiring moment in human history.

A victory against Red Russia, or even fighting Putin’s Army to a stalemate, should give us hope during this Christmas season when we desperately need it.

It is not “neo-conservatism” to advocate regime change in Moscow. It is a matter of Ukraine’s and America’s survival. A Russian defeat in Ukraine will send a strong message to dictator Xi, who is backing Putin’s war.   

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.


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