China’s Mass Murder Experiment, Phase Two

By: Cliff Kincaid

Of all the things Dr. Anthony Fauci said, perhaps the most incriminating was that he didn’t “have enough insight” into the Communist Party in China to understand “the interactions” between the communists and their scientists. Similarly, many people today claim to be puzzled by the COVID lockdowns in China, described by communist authorities as based on “science.” They think China is making a big mistake and is somehow in danger of being toppled by “the people.”

When the Red Chinese regime says the current lockdown policy is based on science, it means that there is another phase in the Marxist experiment, otherwise known as scientific socialism, achieved through dialectic. It’s not primarily designed to control the people. After all, they are already controlled. The “protesters” wouldn’t be allowed to protest if the Communist Party of China didn’t want the demonstrations to go forward. They are organized for foreign consumption, especially in the U.S., and we are supposed to believe there is a real freedom movement in China that can actually succeed.

I believe these protests are a diversion. I think that what’s happening in China is a rehearsal for the next wave of the pandemic – the release of another virus, as deadly or even more dangerous than COVID-19.

Early in the pandemic, anti-communist author and filmmaker Robert Orlando noted that, as a result of unleashing this virus on the world, “China is now positioned geopolitically the way the U.S. was in the post-World War II era of 1945. For very different reasons than the U.S. displayed then, China is now the emerging hegemony.”

You might, at this point, think this is ridiculous since the COVID lockdowns in China continue and we seem to be “living” with the virus, even though more than 300 a day are dying.

But this is a strange way of getting back to “normal.”

Orlando noted early on in the pandemic, “One leak of the virus has set us back almost 10 trillion dollars. Combined with fear, it has weakened our once rugged nation-state, which now appears blindly committed to its own silent decline. If you were in China, and the self-destructive war was the only alternative, isn’t this what you’d do?”

This seemingly self-destructive war continues, at a time when we are “living” with the virus, since the lockdowns have been discontinued and the kids are in school. But our economy continues to decline. Several major U.S. firms, including Apple and Tesla, are dependent on China for manufacturing products but seem to be having second thoughts about that.

The big story, which made possible the China virus, is that many Americans have ignored the nature of Chinese communism and now seem to think the protests in China will have any kind of impact.

Bertil Haggman, director of the Center for Research on Geopolitics in Sweden, notes that the Communist Party of China (CCP) is a criminal political party that is probably responsible for killing between 80 and 100 million people, the highest number of political killings in modern time by one party-state perpetrator.

Haggman notes that the Communist Party of China was actually founded by a Bolshevik Soviet agent, Grigori Naumovich Voitinsky, a Russian born in Belarus in 1893. He was an agent of the Communist International (Comintern).

Hagmann tells me, “Voitinsky, the real founder of CCP, grew up in the U.S., joined the American Socialist Party, and was active in the USA and Canada. He went to Soviet Russia after the Bolshevik coup d’état and was in China as a Comintern agent. Little seems to be known about his time as a socialist in the West.”

What we need, argues Haggman, is a strategy of “decoupling” from China and freezing the regime out of the world economic system.

As we see this process developing, with various companies moving their operations from China, we are fooling ourselves if we think China will admit the error of its ways on COVID and decide to join the community of nations.

I believe the current lockdowns are a rehearsal for the release of another virus.

The assumption by many was that the Chinese would not deliberately infect their own people. But these are communists.

The book, The Private Life of Chairman Mao, written by the former dictator’s physician, documented his addiction to sleeping pills and barbiturates. The book exposes Mao as a degenerate and philanderer with homosexual tendencies and genital herpes who engaged in orgies. A man “devoid of human feeling, incapable of love,” he nevertheless was a dedicated communist with an understanding of Marxist dialectics and knew how to “unleash the energies of the people” through socialism.

It is clear that dictator Xi, on the verge of becoming the acknowledged dictator of the world, is just as demented and yet firmly believes in socialism. This is a dangerous personality disorder.

In his dialectical way of thinking, the COVID lockdowns serve the interests of the Communist Party and will confuse the West into thinking democracy is somehow sprouting from a homegrown anti-CCP protest.

Dictator Xi knows better than that. He has something else up the sleeve of his Mao jacket and he’s probably let his junior partner, former KGB colonel Putin, in on the secret. The worst is yet to come, either through the release of another virus or an actual invasion of the Republic of China on Taiwan.

I’m betting on another virus or at least another variant that will increase the daily death toll in America to 1000 or more.

When that happens, our “liberal” leaders will follow China’s lockdown example.

Be prepared.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.


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2 thoughts on “China’s Mass Murder Experiment, Phase Two

  1. The Chinese are xenophobes even more than they are communists
    Poised to conquer the world using biological warfare
    More so now than in 2019

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