11 thoughts on “Call Em Communists

  1. They are NOT Communists! They just happen to believe in everything that the Communists believe in!

    Any resemblance, real or imagined, is just a coincidence. Really!

    1. See Jack Kawanos interview in Saturday Evening Post Feb 2, 1952, “We almost lost Hawaii to rhe Reds. Kawano defected from the Communist Party after they staged a Cuban style revolutiion. Their cimmunist advisors were from the Univ of Hawaii. Sound familiar? Read the whole interview. The last page ia a reality check.

      1. Frank Marshall Davis was the big cheese at the time of the strike even though he kept of low profile. He was the mentor that enabled Obama to be a fully-versed communist even before he entered college. All info on Davis / Obama connection has been scrubbed from wikipedia.

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