Trevor Loudon Releases Bernie Sanders Exposé Video In Anticipation Of His Upcoming Political Documentary

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Trevor Loudon releases Bernie Sanders exposé video in anticipation of his upcoming political documentary

CEDAR FALLS IOWA, 01-December-2015 – Author and speaker Trevor Loudon has released a video exposing the radical ties of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in anticipation of Loudon’s upcoming political documentary.

The New Zealand native is working with Iowa-based Director Judd Saul on the film The Enemies Within, which seeks to expose anti-American ties in the federal government. Loudon believes that a minority of radicals are responsible for unconstitutional and damaging policies that have been imposed on Americans for decades, a trend that has greatly accelerated under the Obama administration.

The carefully-honed media image of Bernie Sanders paints him as a mild socialist who seeks an America that provides more government services, like Norway or Sweden. Loudon, however, proves in his short film based on painstaking research that Bernie Sanders hard-core communist. 

Loudon, who first exposed the connection between then-Senator Obama and Hawaiian communist Frank Marshall Davis in 2007 refers to Bernie Sanders as “a totalitarian at heart.” Sanders “has worked with spies, terrorist supporters and Eastern Bloc style communists his entire political career.”

Award-winning filmmaker Judd Saul whose documentary “Unfair” aimed at “exposing the IRS” was in theatres last year became interested in working with Loudon because he “is not a man to hold back.” Genuinely worried for America’s future, Saul recognizes that America “needs a no-holds-barred film” that will reveal “the plain truth about the enemies within our country… [and] how they are about to destroy our nation.”

When asked about the reaction to the controversial subject matter found in his book by the same name, Loudon said: “Nobody has ever challenged me on a point of fact.” Saul continued, “We are willing to put it all on the line to deliver this message.”


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