California Forward Or Backward?

By: Cliff Kincaid | America’s Survival

Russia-gate is a diversion from the communist spies who have been manipulating prominent California politicians for years, says analyst and activist Gary Richard Arnold. Arnold and host Cliff Kincaid discuss several cases, including former Obama CIA director and “insider” Leon Panetta, a founder of “California Forward;” Senator Dianne Feinstein; and former Senator Alan Cranston, a leader of the World Federalists. It turns out that current California Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris began her left-wing career as an intern in Cranston’s office and her father was a Marxist economist. Tragically, he says, most Republicans are “dumb, stupid, or scared” and reluctant to challenge the power of the “traitors” based in California who are taking their subversion nationwide. A resident of Santa Cruz, Arnold says the Golden State has deteriorated to such an extent that syringes given away by local needle exchanges are being left by homeless drug abusers on the state’s beaches, threatening families and children with disease and death.


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1 thought on “California Forward Or Backward?

  1. For more original investigations of the Deep State by Gary Richard Arnold … go to:

    Support Trevor, Cliff Kincaid … who’s research keeps in mind … “Deep State” conspiracy. CFR / T / B .

    Seven Society, Dagger & Quill, Skull & Bones, Parashim and a communist vessel of racial communists … titled Prince Hall Masons. Understand Communist fronts.

    Communism is not the people overthrowing the Banking establishment … Communism is a tool of the Banking establishment used to cull and control the people.

    Of tremendous value is Dr. Anthony Sutton’s “America’s Secret Establishment” (free download ) once selling for $400 dollars each to intelligence agencies.

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