Antifa-BLM & the FBI: Collaborators in a Communist Revolution Against the United States

By: Thomas C. Wigand

INTRODUCTION: Let me state up front that there are four (at first, hard to believe!) premises that are the foundation of this piece:

1) That Antifa-BLM and much of the federal government are merely separate units under the same “command and control” structure.

2) By means of the stolen election of November 3, 2020, that “command and control” structure orchestrated a “color revolution” – a coup – against the United States of America.

3) Instrumental to the execution of that coup, if not the leader of it, was the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

4) As a result, an unelected CCP-puppet regime resides in the White House – which we’ll refer to as the Biden-Harris Junta.

At first the above premises will seem, well, the territory of “tin foil hat” delusions, or at least “conspiracy theories.” That is part of the diabolical genius of what they’ve done – Americans have enjoyed the luxury of living in a Constitutional Republic – and the idea that a Communist-led coup could succeed here seems ludicrous.

They are counting on that; it is an integral element of their plan. Conversely, awakening Americans to what has actually happened is integral to “undo the coup” and restoring our Constitutional Republic.

For the sake of our country, please just put any preconceptions aside for a few moments, read on with an open mind, and peruse the material at the embedded links, and then draw your own conclusions:

Barack Hussein Obama, July 2, 2008: We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.

What if B. Hussein Obama wasn’t referring to an American-style “national security force” that (on paper at least) is required to adhere to legal and Constitutional boundaries but instead, as a trained Marxist (he is) he was alluding to a Communist-style “national security force?”

For well over a year, Antifa and Black Lives Matter – each of which has Communist roots – have been rampaging across this land; intimidating and assaulting innocent people, pillaging property and committing arson. Some innocent people have died at their hands. All the while, “law enforcement” in Democrat controlled areas – presumably following orders – stood-down, giving the de facto domestic terrorists free-rein.

Worse yet, law enforcement in many venues no longer “serves and protects” the law-abiding public, but the bad guys. Many folks who reasonably tried to defend themselves and their property from the Antifa-BLM hordes – often with no alternative, since the police would not act – had “law enforcement” arrest and then prosecute them, while still leaving Antifa-BLM free to rampage!

Thus, law enforcement was actually providing backup to Antifa-BLM by preventing armed resistance (self-defense) on the part everyday citizens, further empowering Antifa-BLM.

Law enforcement and the “justice system” – in Democrat-run cities and at the federal level – have not been acting as if they are adversaries of the Antifa-BLM lawbreakers, but as if they were collaborators, allies. As we will see, they are!

Nevertheless, throughout this time, a centerpiece agenda of BLM and the Democrat Party through has been to “defund the police.” In other words, reduce if not eliminate local police forces; not just in Democrat-run areas, but across the land. This sounds insane (because it is), but there is a method to this madness.

Contrast the treatment of the Antifa-BLM domestic terrorists with the January 6, 2021 “Capitol insurrectionists” – who were unarmed, didn’t kill anyone nor burn anything – and concerning whom increasingly credible speculation indicates were incited by FBI assets. The latter now face the full force and fury of federal “law enforcement.” As this is written, many are being held prisoner in brutal, human rights-violating conditions – similarly to how political prisoners are treated in ***hole countries.

All this as FBI Director Wray declares that Antifa is “just an idea” – even as he and his ilk declare (with straight faces) that the greatest threat to this nation is “White Supremacists” and “insurrectionists.” Nobody is that incompetent; no, this is by design.

Average Americans look at all this and are rightfully dismayed: “How can this be happening in our country? There has to be an explanation.”

There is. The United States of America is in the midst of a full-blown Communist revolution, including an unelected puppet-regime installed in the White House. Don’t believe it? Read on

For many, this assertion will understandably sound far-fetched; plus the gravity of what it implies is so dire, that there may be the temptation to dismiss it so as to avoid having to deal with it – a classic denial reflex. But once we view enough of the puzzle-pieces, the picture is unmistakable. And we cannot afford denial or avoidance – to save our country, we must first recognize the nature and full scope of the forces arrayed against us, including the current state of affairs.

We have been softened up for decades through subversion and what is known as “Cultural Marxism.” Space does not permit comprehensive discussion of this subject, but if you do a quick review of the work of certain folks you with find more-than-ample verification. Folks such as (in alphabetical order): the videos of Yuri Bezmenov, formerly of the KGB (still available online, at least for now); Brannon Howes; Trevor Loudon and Alex Newman.

For purposes of this piece, you have merely to read the short Introduction to the 1999 publication of a Communist after-action report describing how, in the 1940’s, they seized control of a European country by manipulating its “democratic” election system. It is titled: and not a shot is fired (available for free here). Here is a telling quote from that Introduction:

“As the preceding example illustrates, Kozak outlined the main thesis of a giant pincer’s strategy for transforming a parliamentary system of government into a totalitarian dictatorship — the strategy of combining ‘pressure from above’ with ‘pressure from below’ to effect revolutionary change. In essence, under this plan, the Communist minority in parliament (in coalition with socialist parties) serves the revolution by initiating policies and legislation which strengthen the hand of grassroots revolutionaries and punish threats to the coup (i.e., the Right). Meanwhile, grassroots revolutionaries whip up the appearance of popular support for the legislative program to advance the revolution through strikes, rallies, petitions, threats, and sometimes — sabotage. The ‘pressure from below’ by the small number of revolutionaries and their larger number of dupes is then used to ‘justify’ the centralization of power in the hands of the executive branch of the state.”

Does that not sound hauntingly familiar? It should, as we navigate our current period marked by “Democratic Socialists” running the Democrat Party and that Congress “initiating policies and legislation that strengthen the hand of grassroots revolutionaries and punish threats to the coup (i.e., the Right)” – such as Antifa-BLM allowed to run rampant in cities across the land while the patriotic American citizens of 1/6 are persecuted, and the push for the H.R.1 legislation to nationalize the election-steal mechanisms successfully employed in the “swing states” in 2020.

This process is often referred to as a “Top Down / Bottom Up” revolution. In other words, people at the top (e.g., elected officials) act as the “Top Down” branch of the revolutionary scheme, while simultaneously cadres at street level (pretending to be “grassroots”) execute the “Bottom Up” part. More refined tactics involving election theft through contested elections have been developed since – these are referred to as “color revolution” tactics.

These were employed against the United States of America in its 2020 elections – we were subjected to a “color revolution” process; a coup that installed an unelected, CCP-puppet regime into the White House (and likely fraudulently flipped control of Congress to the Democrats as well).

From now on we’ll refer to those events as the November 3rd Coup.

At this point, it is reasonable to expect that you may still be skeptical that we were subjected to a (Communist) coup, using an election as cover. Let’s throw a few more puzzle-pieces on the table, shall we?

A TIME magazine “after action” report dated February 4, 2021 provided some telling clues, starting with its title: The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election.

In a sense, it is eerily reminiscent of and not a shot Is fired, in that it too conveys gloating over actually having pulled it off. Once you look discount TIME’s false, self-serving verbiage intended to make it appear that it was the coup-plotters who were working to assure election integrity, rather than the ones plotting a coup – you certainly don’t think that they would openly brag about executing a Communist coup, now do you? – the disclosures provide a telling glimpse into the machinations.

Two particular points about his TIME piece. First, note these passages that effectively admits to coordination of the “Bottom Up” cadre with “Top Down” elements:

“There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from CEOs. Both surprises were the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans. The pact was formalized in a terse, little-noticed joint statement of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and AFL-CIO published on Election Day. Both sides would come to see it as a sort of implicit bargain–inspired by the summer’s massive, sometimes destructive racial-justice protests–in which the forces of labor came together with the forces of capital to keep the peace and oppose Trump’s assault on democracy.”

“That’s why the participants want the secret history of the 2020 election told, even though it sounds like a paranoid fever dream–a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information. They were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it. [FALSE] And they believe the public needs to understand the system’s fragility in order to ensure that democracy in America endures.” [FALSE – they really want is for he public to accept H.R.1.]

“The summer uprising had shown that people power could have a massive impact. Activists began preparing to reprise the demonstrations if Trump tried to steal the election. ‘Americans plan widespread protests if Trump interferes with election,’ Reuters reported in October, one of many such stories. More than 150 liberal groups, from the Women’s March to the Sierra Club to Color of Change, from to the Democratic Socialists of America, joined the ‘Protect the Results’ coalition. The group’s now defunct website had a map listing 400 planned postelection demonstrations, to be activated via text message as soon as Nov. 4. To stop the coup they feared, the left was ready to flood the streets.”

[Late on election night, as Trump’s massive victory was apparent] “The conversation that followed was a difficult one, led by the activists charged with the protest strategy. ‘We wanted to be mindful of when was the right time to call for moving masses of people into the street,’ Peoples says …

“So the word went out: stand down. Protect the Results announced that it would ‘not be activating the entire national mobilization network today, but remains ready to activate if necessary.’”

If that isn’t a “command and control” system, what is? [For a peek into just how embedded these “Bottom Up” groups are in the federal government, and nationally, check out these videos from “Millennial Millie” – here and here.]

Second point about the TIME piece: nowhere does it mention the “Transition Integrity Project.” Certainly, the author of the TIME piece was aware of what (arguably) was the head snake for the planning and execution of the coup. So, consider the omission is intentional, and intended to help hide those particular tracks. Why?

That’s on our “enemies domestic” side. On “enemies foreign” side, we have the CCP (and likely other countries and entities). Mike Lindell has been stalwart in exposing this though his “Absolute” series (about which there is a media blackout as well). He has scheduled a three-day cyber-symposium, starting August 10, 2021, o allow accredited cyber-professionals to examine the proof – one does not do that unless they’re confident that they have the goods. Presumably the treason-abetting media will do its best to ignore that too. Fight them by helping to spread the word.

With the election successfully stolen (at least for now), the coup plotters’ work immediately shifted to consolidating their hold on power, before a critical mass of the American public woke up and realized what happened.

This explains why almost immediately after the election we witnessed a near-universal media blackout regarding any discussion of “the steal,” accompanied simultaneously by the “big lies” that it was a “free and fair election” and that “Biden won, fair and square.”

It also included social media and “mainstream” (blue-pill) media “cancelling” the sitting (and duly-reelected) President of the United States, hobbling his ability to communicate with Americans. Think about that.

Those big lies were also adopted and promulgated by most elected officials, whether “Democrat” or “Republican.” Now isn’t that telling?

Collectivist regimes, to seize, then consolidate and maintain power, have long employed street-level thugs to help intimidate the opposition. The Italian Fascists had the Black Shirts; the National Socialists (NAZIS) in Germany had the Brown Shirts.

ANTIFA first emerged in 1930’s Germany as the Communist counter to the Nazi’s Brown Shirts. Let that sink in.

The CCP had its Red Guards as the street-level paramilitary enforcers of Mao’s “Cultural Revolution,” which imposed manufactured history, a technique that now serve as the inspiration for our “1619 Project” and “Critical Race Theory.”

In third-world venues, the Communist / Socialists employed similar groups, albeit without the spiffy paramilitary uniforms. Today’s Venezuela is the heartthrob regime of Hollywood and Progressives generally. The birthplace of the election software used in our country in November, 2020, it may well be the harbinger of our future if the November 3rd Coup is not reversed. That regime employs Antifa-BLM resembling street forces called Colectivos. In 2019, Aljazeera (!) described them thus:

“Venezuelans call these irregular armed gangs colectivos or collectives, while the UN Human Rights Commission describes them as para-police, or paramilitary forces loyal to President Nicholas Maduro.”

Recall that B. Hussein Obama has always been a Marxist revolutionary seeking to “fundamentally transform” this nation into that model, and that his personnel now effectively run the Biden-Harris Junta.

At the same time, the CCP has spent years (if not decades) targeting and compromising influential Americans, whether through lucre or sex or blackmail, or some combination of same – prime examples being the Biden family (especially Hunter), and Eric Fang-Fang Swalwell.

Presumably the IC (Intelligence Community) and FBI has long been well aware of the compromised Americans. But those compromised Americans appear to have been protected by that same IC and FBI. Is this not in alignment with what the CCP would order?

Presumably the IC and FBI and Pentagon leadership was also well aware of the preparations for the November 3rd Coup – by actors foreign and domestic, yet did nothing to prevent it. Certainly, they are now intimately familiar with the details of its execution, yet still have done nothing to undo the coup.

Neither have elected officials; the vast majority of whom fell right in line with the BIG LIES that there was a “free and fair election” and that “Joe Biden is our President.”

So, the IC and DOJ/FBI and Pentagon leadership and elected officials of both parties have done nothing toward fulfilling their oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Leaving us, for now, under the thumb of an unelected, CCP-puppet regime in the White House; a Communist junta.

The only logical conclusion, then, is that a major portion of the leadership of the federal government was and remains part of the “Top Down” apparatus; parties to the planning and execution of the November 3rd Coup. So too with a significant portion of the “rank and file” of the federal government.

Some individuals from those groups are among the principal coup plotters; some may be mere accessories “after the fact,” and the rest somewhere in-between. But one can soundly argue that every single one of them is guilty of treason.

That said, many may not be aware of their role in advancing a Communist coup, e.g., many probably thought that they were “just” getting rid of President Trump. That presents an element of hope, e.g., maybe not everyone within the IC community or military is a knowing a traitor – and once aware that we were indeed subjected to a Communist coup, will repent before God, and work to uphold their oath to our Constitution. The bad guys fully realize this; hence the purge underway in the military.

Now, recall that quote from Obama at the beginning of this piece. A purge of patriots from the military is occurring as we speak (the purge of patriots and/or those with ethics apparently long-since accomplished at the CIA and DOJ / FBI).

Local police forces are being stood-down from enforcing the laws against the revolutionary cadres of Antifa and BLM. Most likely, these same police forces are also about to face a purge of patriots analogous to that underway in the military – perhaps by means of “defunding.”

Does this not open the door to a Colectivos-like role for Antifa and BLM – allies of the de facto Communist regime in control of Washington, D.C.?

Will they not be even further empowered to act as intimidators, enforcers and terrorizers on the part of the regime, unhindered by the niceties of due process or other Constitutional protections, nor hindered by concern over laws being enforced against them?

Especially with local police forces either neutered or brought on board, does not this DOJ/FBI and Antifa/BLM alliance in fact organize a “civilian national security force” that’s “just as powerful” as the military, at least as regards its ability to be deployed against the American public? Top Down – Bottom Up, with citizens trapped in-between.

Which now begs the question: regarding the alliance between Antifa and BLM and the IC and “law enforcement,” to whom are they loyal? From whom do they take orders?

For the reasons previously stated, all roads lead to the CCP. There may well also be involvement of globalist financiers (e.g., the “Great Reset” crowd), and Russia, and the Muslim Brotherhood / Iran. Likely some others who share an interest in bringing-down the United States of America. But the CCP appears to be the lead dog (whatever role the CCP Virus plays in this we’ll leave for another day).

The CCP launders its control through its domestic puppets – most notably the Biden-Harris Junta – so its control will not be readily apparent to the rank and file serving in our military, IC and law enforcement. That doesn’t make its control less effective, but more.

Even now, many Americans who realize that the election was stolen believe that it was “simply” a partisan Democrat play to unseat President Trump and gain political control in Washington. In an ironic sense, this perception helps the coup-plotters, for that “explanation” seems much-less threatening, for it doesn’t recognize the foreign threat – and encourages placebo-thinking that it all can be reversed in the 2022 and 2024 elections.

It is submitted that the B. Hussein Obama and the Democrat Party are merely middle-management for the CCP (and whatever forces were and are allied with it for purposes of the coup). And they certainly don’t intend to let an honest electoral process remove them from controlling this country.

If we are to have any hope of reinstating our Constitutional Republic – to undo the coup – we first must build general recognition of the full extent of what has happened, where we stand now, and the forces arrayed against us – including that there are traitors among us.

Hopefully the above has provided enough puzzle pieces for you to draw your own conclusions.

If you agree, help spread the word – and encourage all to pray to God that He deliver us from the Satanic-evil of Collectivism that has seized control of our Divinely-inspired country!


I am the author of the book Communiqués From the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy– available on Kindle (only $2.99) and in paperback (only $12.99). Please consider enjoying my work by purchasing and reading.  Thank you.


Author: Thomas Wigand

Thomas C. Wigand is a citizen patriot – trained as an attorney and hailing from Florida – who in in his own small way is fighting alongside stalwarts such as Trevor Loudon, Cliff Kincaid and David Horowitz. Fighting alongside they and all other patriots that recognize the existential threat posed by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Collectivism: Progressivism; Socialism; Fascism and Communism. Mr. Wigand is the author of the book "Communiqués From The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” available on Amazon in print and Kindle versions.

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7 thoughts on “Antifa-BLM & the FBI: Collaborators in a Communist Revolution Against the United States

  1. Need to go down the rabbit hole of Obama’s origins and why /how he had a meteoric rise to power. His grandparents and mother were both associated with a certain three letter agency. His astounding early association and friendship with Zbigniew Brzezinski, one of the most powerful and influential men in the world, back when Barack was a pothead college student. With that in mind…if Obama was/is a puppet placed in power by the global power brokers, then how far back does this go? To what end? Who are the puppeteers? Go deep…CFR, Rockefeller’s, World Bank, post WW2 restructuring of the world, creation of the IC, origins of WW2 AND WW1, banking systems, who funded Bolshevik Revolution, who commissioned Karl Marx to write Das Kapital? Very tangled web.

    1. Re: Obama – though it doesn’t answer all of the mysteries about his early years, Stanley Kurtz’s book “Radical in Chief” covers a lot. It also provides an excellent expose of how / why the “2008 subprime crisis” occurred, on purpose.

  2. Thanks Khauit.

    >>We’re going to take our nation and republic back. Bank on that.

    God willing! I admit that I had more than a little trepidation about posting this. But then I thought about how someday, when I face my Maker, how would I explain to Him that I while saw this evil enveloping out Divinely-inspired country, I shrank from bearing witness to it? After that, the decision was easy.

  3. You are not only on point and over the target, but a P Revere. Thanks sir. We’re going to take our nation and republic back. Bank on that. There’s one powerful element that’s not realized but very much at work. Because the enemy traitors in this country, and other enemy nations are absolutely blind to this behind the scene power, they will not succeed in the end. H.Y. is more than aware. Our enemies our being drawn out in the open. W.A.T.C.H. straight ahead.

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