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Antifa-BLM & the FBI: Collaborators in a Communist Revolution Against the United States

By: Thomas C. Wigand INTRODUCTION: Let me state up front that there are four (at first, hard to believe!) premises that are the foundation of…

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We Had a “Color Revolution” Under “Color of Law” – But We Can Still Reclaim Our Country!

By: Thomas C. Wigand CONTENTS Introduction Who Might Be Behind the Curtain? Secular (Legal) Reasons for Optimism Faith-Based Reasons for Optimism INTRODUCTION On November 3-4,…

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Stop the Steal: WE Are President Trump’s Cavalry – Saddle Up!

INTRODUCTION The United States of America is undergoing an attempted coup-by-election-fraud – a revolution – one whose planning occurred well in advance of November 3rd….

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If a Messenger Angel appeared before You, and …

This is not my usual form of contribution to this site. Normally I opine and inform, sometimes at length. Here I will plead, in a…

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