Communist Media Attack Western Vaccine Successes

By: Cliff Kincaid

With my pro-vaccine columns getting censored and dozens of people dropping off my subscriber list because of them, a friend wrote to me, saying, “I’d move on.  Biden/Harris are doing plenty of other things wrong to write about.” There are a couple of things wrong with this approach.

First, the China virus is the issue of our lifetimes. If we don’t understand what’s going on in this once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, nothing else matters. This virus can destroy a nation, as we are seeing in India. On the other hand, vaccines can save a nation, as we are seeing in Israel.

Many in the conservative movement are on the wrong side of this issue, agitating in tune with the Chinese and Russian media that Western-made vaccines are dangerous to human health and must be resisted. This position is fed by communist disinformation and constitutes a form of national suicide.

On another level, the hopelessly divided Republican Party is powerless to stop Biden/Harris because of Democratic Party domination of the executive and legislative branches of the federal government.

The only person that matters in this scheme of things is Senator Joe Manchin, a moderate Democrat who can side with Republicans in the Senate. There is some hope that the “Republican” Supreme Court will stop or reverse some Biden/Harris initiatives, and we should pressure the Court to do just that. But these decisions and rulings will come slowly.

The China virus is critical to understanding China’s plan for world domination, and I think non-stop focus on this plan is what is extremely important at this junction in history. Unless we achieve herd immunity through mass vaccinations (and/or natural immunity as a result of people getting Covid), we are cooked. We will look like desperate people in India struggling for oxygen to breathe, as we face another wave of contagion and death from a new China virus variant.

Another opposition strategy is to defeat any of all United Nations treaties (which require 67 votes for passage), such as the U.N.’s Law of the Sea Treaty. We can safely assume that China Joe will push this one since he promoted it when he ran the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Here, we have solid chances of defeating the pro-U.N. agenda.

All is not lost.

But China is the key issue and problem. We are in the midst of China asserting itself on the global stage, hoping to take over the world on an incremental basis, sometimes with the assistance and active collaboration of Russia. It is using the China virus vaccines, as part of a “vaccine diplomacy” effort, to save nations from the virus that China unleashed. These efforts, as noted by the Daily Mail, are backfiring.

In regard to the China virus, there is something we can do, thanks to former President Trump and his Operation Warp Speed vaccines. Our enemies recognize the Trump vaccines do indeed work. That’s why Chinese and Russian media are attacking the Trump vaccines while pushing the questionable Chinese and Russian versions.

The Daily Mail reports that the European Union has warned that China’s “vaccine diplomacy” of providing their own Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines are backed by “disinformation and manipulation efforts to undermine trust in Western-made vaccines.” In other words, China sees the WARP Speed vaccines as effective.  The paper went on, “Russia and China are using state-controlled media, networks of proxy media outlets and social media to achieve these goals.”

I checked out the actual report, and the Daily Mail account is accurate.

Furthermore, the paper quoted several sources as saying that the Chinese vaccine is proving to be ineffective because the regime was relying largely on older vaccine technologies and that, by contrast, the “modern genetic techniques being harnessed by the West” against the China virus are working. These are the techniques that absolutely horrify the “conservative” websites dropping my pro-vaccine columns. They think we are entering the End Times and that the vaccines are designed to insert monitoring or tracking devices into the human body so the Great Reset can take place.

In fact, the Great Reset, seen as heralding a “New World Order” of world government, can only be defeated if we the American people get free of the disease and then hold China accountable for what it has done to the world. The states of Mississippi and Missouri have sued China in federal court over the virus. “China did the world a great injustice by engaging in a complex cover-up of the dangers of this deadly virus. By silencing journalists, doctors, whistleblowers, and others, China exposed millions to the Coronavirus and kept the world from preparing, leading to higher death tolls and more dangerous public health impacts. They must be held to account for the damage they have done,” said Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch.

The Daily Mail noted that Chinese vaccine science “is not as advanced” as the West. That’s to our advantage, as China and Russia peddle their inferior vaccines to the rest of the world.

This is great news for the United States in particular, with Trump the one who should get the biggest round of applause. But my columns praising Trump are being dropped by conservative websites formerly in Trump’s corner.

The Chinese and the Russians are trying to undermine public confidence in the Trump Warp Speed vaccines that have been expanded by Biden/Harris. It’s because of Trump’s initiative that the U.S. is getting control of the virus and emerging from the economic dislocation caused by the liberal lockdowns. One of those vaccines made by Pfizer has saved Israel from destruction.

Let’s face it: Biden/Harris had no alternative but to continue with these vaccines.  What’s more, these vaccines are working. But it’s Trump, not Biden, who deserves credit.

As with any vaccines, there are side effects, including deaths. But these are small compared with the death and suffering caused by the virus. On balance, the vaccines are life-savers. Yet, many Trump supporters resist getting vaccinated. Are they succumbing to communist disinformation?

The report cited by Daily Mail notes that the “foreign state actors” working on behalf of China and Russia have “sensationalized and misrepresented information about the safety of Western-made vaccines” and are fueling anti-vaccination movements. It says both Chinese official channels and pro-Kremlin media “have amplified content on alleged side-effects of the Western vaccines.”

The report adds, “In some cases, mRNA vaccines were specifically targeted both by the pro-Kremlin and Chinese state-controlled media.” These are the Warp Speed vaccines using new technology to defeat the virus.

All of this explains how and why “conservative” websites refusing to publish the truth about the Trump Warp speed vaccines are playing into the hands of China and Russia.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.


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