Leftists Are The Attackers, Not Victims

By: Lloyd Marcus

Duped family members, friends and fellow Christians have fallen for leftists’ lie that all they are tearfully asking for is fairness and tolerance on various issues. The truth is leftists are rabid relentless attackers, using government, deception and guilt-tripping to silence all opposition to their extreme anti-God, anti-traditional family and anti-freedom agendas. Indoctrinated by leftists since kindergarten through college, youths actually believe our first amendment right of free speech should be repealed because conservative speech/ideas are offensive to them. Youths also believe they have a right to physically beat you up to shut you up. https://bit.ly/2G6SpO0 Outrageously, leftists are making tremendous gains on making speaking the truth about various issues illegal.

For example. Take abortion. Leftists say they are pro-choice. The truth is leftists are at war with innocent unborn babies, wanting as many murdered as possible. Why? Because leftists believe humanity is bad for the planet. Leftists write countless articles infecting youths with their lie that child-birth is environmentally irresponsible. https://ind.pn/2ucA1h2 Leftists say screw God’s command to “be fruitful and multiply.” (Genesis 1:28) Leftists, in their prideful arrogance, believe they are smarter than God.

If leftists are truly about “choice”, why do they angrily oppose counseling mothers considering abortion? Why do leftists seek to make it illegal to show moms a sonogram of their unborn child? https://bit.ly/2G1YWtx Leftists desire government to ban mothers from hearing their baby’s heartbeat; seeing their baby’s head and fingers. Stats prove most women change their mind about killing their baby after seeing a sonogram. Focus on the Family says since the ultrasound program began in 2004, over 201,000 baby’s lives have been saved. https://bit.ly/2DRT5km

If leftists are truly on a saintly mission to provide women a choice, as they claim, why are leftists infuriated when a woman chooses life for her baby?

Leftists seek to make it illegal to speak the truth about abortion. As freedom loving Americans, this should make you angry, folks. Not violent, but angry; a righteous anger.

Leftists seek to make it illegal to speak the truth about LGBT issues. The California LGBT Caucus has introduced a bill to ban counseling to adults who seek to correct their same-sex attraction, behavior and gender confusion. https://bit.ly/2pDebxT

Again I ask, if leftists are truly about tolerance and allowing people to be who they desire to be, why are leftists infuriated; trying to use government to block homosexuals who want to become heterosexual? Why should leftists even care? What do they fear; especially after claiming homosexuals are born that way? If homosexuality is in their genes/DNA counseling will not change them. Right? So, why are leftist homosexual activists threatened by counseling?

The word “liberal” implies a live and let live attitude. The truth is liberals (leftists) are laser-focused on using big brother government to force their far-out minority ideas on mainstream Americans. The leftist media mafia publicly shames mainstream Americans into silence; banning publicly speaking the truth about leftists’ sacred cow issues. Homosexuals are 1-2% of the population. Transgenders are 0.3%. https://bit.ly/2pVBgK6 It is un-American to allow a handful of LGBT activists to bully us into silence and submission.

Perhaps, because I grew up in the Baltimore project surrounded by bullies, being controlled by bullies is extremely repulsive to me. One thing I learned as a kid is if you allow a bully to demand and take your lunch money today, he will take it and more tomorrow.

Here’s another example of leftists arrogantly banning speaking the truth. Leftists are hellbent on disarming law-abiding citizens. While relentlessly preaching to us about tolerance, a leftist refused to tolerate a student speaking the truth about guns and criminals. Leftists organized an anti-gun rally using students as pawns and cover. One kid showed up with a sign which read, “Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People.” https://bit.ly/2G51kPZ A leftist school principal immediately ordered the student to leave the rally. Notice how the leftist operative refused to tolerant truth, publicly humiliating the student for daring to defend our constitutional right to bear arms.

Do you see the pattern folks? Leftist activist thugs are dictating that we dare not speak the truth about their sacred cow issues or our derrieres are in big trouble; publicly humiliated and even jailed.

While leftists are bludgeoning us into silence and submission, my family members, friends and fellow Christians continue falling for leftists’ lie that leftists are passively seeking fairness and tolerance.

Leftists insidiously throw WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) into our faces. In other words, leftists are saying to be loving like Jesus, Christians must “in love” abandon biblical teachings; allowing Godless liberalism to infect our morals, principles, values and culture.

Leftists using WWJD to further their depravity is particularly repulsive considering that most leftists despise Jesus and His followers. Sadly, some Christians have fallen for leftists’ WWJD scheme, rolling out the red carpet, welcoming leftists’ anti-Christ agenda into their churches.

I heard this not-so-nice joke, but it makes an interesting point. A woman was cursing-out a man at the beach. The angry man threatened to drown her if she did not stop cursing at him. The strong-willed woman continued her rant. As the man held her head and body under water, her hand emerged out of the water giving him her middle finger; her final act of defiance. Though admittedly unwise, I loved the woman refusing to be bullied.

I would love to see more Americans refusing to be bullied by leftists, banned from speaking the truth about issues crucial to God, family and country.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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