Trevor Loudon: Help Expose the Enemies in Your Congress!


America, I have a plan. My name is Trevor Loudon. I’m in the final stages of completing a game-changing movie, based on my book, “The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress.” I reveal the names, connect the dots, expose the treason and show you what the Mainstream Media won’t allow you to see. My movie hits hard against those who want to steal our country and its freedoms — indeed, the freedom and prosperity of the free world. Will you pitch in to help?


“The Enemies Within,” exposes the infiltration of prominent members of the Communist Party  and other anti-American organizations, who are often working with their radical Islamic allies in the highest levels of our government. We need to stop this now to spread the truth across the country, in groups, in clubs, with fellow patriots and your families, before more are elected in 2016. Together, we can do this.


DONATE NOW to expose our enemies ahead of the 2016 Election.
DONATE NOW to inform and inspire Americans to demand justice and adherence to our Constitution.
DONATE NOW to expose the powerful anti-Americans who have tried to bankrupt this country and steal our freedoms.
DONATE NOW to break the silence of the Mainstream Media and leftist Hollywood.


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10 thoughts on “Trevor Loudon: Help Expose the Enemies in Your Congress!

  1. So an American who doesn’t agree with you on policy ideas is un-American? What is more un-American, to believe in health care or to believe that no one should be allowed to hold beliefs contrary to your own? I’m pretty sure the Constitution is pretty darn American and I’m pretty sure it says you’re free to both say what you like and associate with whom you like. To say someone cannot do either of these thing is in-American.

  2. This would help. I’ve been saying we have DOMESTIC ENEMIES posing as just citizens with a different viewpoint for years

  3. This has been going on in America for years, and we are now seeing it come to fruition. I wish I had some money to donate, but obama’s economy has us hanging on by our fingernails. Thank you for what you are doing.

  4. Is it possible to run a Presidential campaign without a single donor?
    Is it possible to run a campaign on a strictly volunteer and word-of-mouth basis without soliciting a penny?
    I’m giving it the ol’ college run.

    I have decided to run as a Democrat for the office of the President of the United States. Yes, this means I am challenging Hillary Rodham Clinton. I can’t compete with her authority. I can’t even compete with her finances. She has collected so much money from sources, both domestic and foreign. The Clinton Foundation is overflowing with cash. Do you realize how many favors she is going to have to give out? Or did she already fulfill some of her IOU’s as Secretary of State? I’m sure her emails will shed some light on this. What do mean? No emails? Where did they go? I don’t owe anybody anything.

    According to Amy Chozick, “Mrs. Clinton should also enjoy an enormous financial advantage in a campaign that is expected to cost her $2.5 billion, with the help of “super PAC” donations and nearly universal support within the Democratic establishment.” In other words, more of the same. Could not that money be put to better use? I mean by someone other than Hillary.

    So far, I have absolutely no support from the higher ups. Remember what Hillary said, “The deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top and there is something wrong with that . ” Well, let us see if she at the top gives a guy at the bottom a break. Just don’t hold your breath.

    To keep my campaign cost-free, but at the same time getting out my message, I post opinion pieces and comments on a regular basis. With the help of online websites and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and others. I have free access to the only people who matter (no, not Hillary, not the donors), the voters. I am hoping to get coverage on radio and television. Newspaper and magazine articles would, of course, be helpful.

    Any suggestions on getting my message out would be appreciated. Please respond and pass along as my campaign is word-of-mouth and all volunteer.

    Lee Newton Rhodes, CPA
    Democratic Candidate for President
    Currently Living in NYC
    FEC # P60006160 & C00574707

      1. I agree that you have had enough democrats. But I’m also a conservative, big difference. Most the republicans are RINO’s anyway. With me you would accomplish two things: get a conservative in office and stop Hillary Clinton. Give it a second thought.

    1. Hello
      Do you have a Website? You need one to post you positions and let people get to know you. Hilary’s biggest problem is she is not ethical, truthful or have a concern unless it helps her. Her “charitable foundation” gives little to Charity but is funded by overseas interests hoping to receive favors…and getting them. I have no doubt hers would be the most corrupt Presidency we have ever had.
      Unfortunately, the Democrats I know are voting for Hillary. Some talking points to help those of us who do not want to see her get elected would be very helpful.
      Do you know what you are getting into? What she would do to defeat you IF you became a serious contender?
      I am also conservative. I am sorry that others are being rude to you.
      I wish you much success!
      The Watcher

      1. Thanks for responding. Please look at my Facebook page. Yes, I know Hillary plays for keeps. Me also. America, and yes democrats, deserve a patriotic, honest, transparent President. Hillary is none of these. VOTE 4 the LEE not 4 the SHE!

  5. Hi Trevor …we’ve exchanged email messages a few times in the past. Expose away ! Doubtful that this will turn the tides back , as sure that you will agree , but everyone needs the truth and the whole truth , regardless of how painful it will be to the listeners/viewers .yes, everyone needs to know all those involved , not just those who we’ve already known about , but those who aren’t great pretenders also .

    Trevor , we need you to serve record straight ..Most are not recognized in order to speak to the public …question that I asked you before about Revelation 6:5 …who is holding the scales now ?

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