Why Is The Left So Obsessed With Cancel Culture?

By: Richard Douglas | Scopes Field

The American left has gained a ton of notoriety these last two decades, especially at the tail end of the Bush administration. They were certainly disagreeable then, but cross-party relationships still remained relatively intact and generally non-hostile, at least compared to today. The left has flown off the handle as the Obama administration egged on bad behavior and active hostility toward conservatives. Social justice became a huge topic, even gaining rabid activists that usually started in their teenage years. At first, it started out annoying, but relatively harmless. Then social media blew up. It was all downhill from there. Social media became a staple in American life and gave people incredible influence just for being present on social media. Young people were the first to adopt these platforms and have in turn become some powerhouse for reciting activist rhetoric. What’s worse is that these young people could spout insane nonsense and have other teenagers agree with them. The internet became an echo chamber for off-the-wall beliefs and perpetuated naive beliefs that were carried into adulthood because of the nature of the internet.

When Twitter hit the scene and became one of the most popular platforms in play these people gained genuine power. It first started off with coining terms like “microaggressions” and tens of genders. Then regular people began receiving hate for innocuous actions like enjoying Wild West movies (because Indians were portrayed as the bad guys) or refusing to be active supporters of the LGBT community even if it went against their personal beliefs. They even tried to go after guns for a little while. It evolved further with groups of people getting victims fired for things they said when they were clueless teenagers.

Now in 2021, they are out in full force. People are not just getting fired, they are having their entire lives and careers ruined. It’s no longer just rogue groups of angst teenagers, it’s huge mobs of people trying as hard as they can to get people “canceled.” Unsurprisingly, they’re wrong about 95% of the time. The social justice mob has spent most of their time tracking and harassing conservatives mostly, but they’ve even gone after their own. J.K. Rowling is a radical feminist who doesn’t believe that trans women are women, a “trans-exclusionary radical feminist” or TERF for short. Of course J.K. Rowling is incredibly well known and adored so the attempt ended in complete failure for the mob. We all know this. The real question is why have they become so obsessed with canceling people.

The answer is that they formed these beliefs as adolescents and were supported in large by other adolescents. These echo chambers solidified their beliefs into morality. It’s no longer a political opinion for them; it’s their identity. To separate themselves from this would be their morals crumbling. Some have escaped, but most don’t. In turn, social justice has become somewhat of a jihad for them. In their eyes, they are doing what’s righteous. To the rest of us, it’s abhorrent. Of course, this merging of political opinion and morality is just a mask for something much more sinister. The true desire is to exert power over those who have no real way to defend themselves. Conservatives do their best, but they’ve been targeted and censored by social media platforms. All is not lost though. A new generation is emerging and they are becoming more conservative every day. Many forms of social justice are losing support, notably trans acceptant dropping to 45% in 2018 from 63% in 2014, mostly due to privileged teenagers who are neither black nor trans or anything else. The left is eating itself alive.

Author Bio:

Richard Douglas writes on firearms, defense, and security issues. He is the founder and editor of Scopes Field, and a columnist at The National Interest, 1945, Daily Caller, and other publications.


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