Stop the Steal: WE Are President Trump’s Cavalry – Saddle Up!


The United States of America is undergoing an attempted coup-by-election-fraud – a revolution – one whose planning occurred well in advance of November 3rd. This scheme has included all of: “lawfare” last spring and summer; illegal last-minute changes to the rules; manufactured (fake) ballots; ineligible voters on industrial scale; physically preventing poll watchers from performing their lawful duties and cyber-warfare (involving domestic and foreign actors).

Such breadth and scale of election fraud does not – cannot – occur spontaneously or organically. No, this was and is a plot to overthrow the United States of America.

Observers, including me, recognized the emerging signs of the plot, and tried to sound the alarm (e.g., here, here and here). Before the election “color revolution” practitioners were engaged; a “Transition Integrity Project” wargaming the coup. Heck, even Joe Biden himself spilled the beans about “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” (Out of the mouths of dementia’d babes?)

There is growing evidence that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is one of the key conspirators – which could well constitute an act of war. In any case, whether against enemies foreign, domestic or both – patriotic citizens must now be in a war footing.

We cannot stand by and allow the CCP, the Democrats (and others?) to install a Biden-Harris junta on January 20th!

Since November 3rd, President Trump and a badly outnumbered band of legal warriors have been making a brave stand as counter-revolutionaries. They’ve been holding the line, but risk being overrun – and with them, our country.

Dismayingly, as they’ve signaled for reinforcements from the institutions of America – rightfully expecting them to join the battle to uphold our Constitutional order – they’ve instead been betrayed both by a compromised and cowardly judiciary, and compromised and cowardly legislators (most egregiously by the Republican establishment, e.g., the duplicitous Mitch McConnell).

Indeed, shortly before this was posted, reports came out disclosing that McConnell is with Nancy Pelosi to short-circuit Constitutional efforts to restore election integrity!

It’s all reminiscent of a scene from the movie Braveheart: patriot-warrior William Wallace signals the Scottish nobles to ride in and join the battle – only to see the bought-off and treasonous nobles ride away.

Regarding our present day “nobles,” none dare call it treason – except for we the Deplorables, who see it exactly for what it is, and call it out for what it is. May all the traitors first have to endure secular justice, before they face God’s justice after they pass from this earth!

In any case, with traitors all about our institutions, it falls upon us to serve as the (Constitutional) cavalry riding in over the hill, arriving to reinforce the good guys just in the nick of time, and so save the day.

January 6th may well be our country’s last stand; our final opportunity to defeat the coup by peaceful means. WE HAVE BUT ONE WEEK TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY. God is watching each of us at this critical time – we are being called to save our Divinely-inspired country. Will you heed the call?


Prayer: This crusade against the coup cannot succeed without God’s intervention. May I offer that we each, in our own words, ask Him something like this:

Dear Lord, please hear the prayers of me and millions of my fellow countrymen, asking that you deliver our Divinely-inspired nation from the clutches of the enveloping evil of Collectivism and its “Democratic Socialist” cadres. Please let it be Your Will to sustain me with the resolve to do everything within my power to oppose this looming Satanic evil, so that I and my fellow citizens can successfully repel it, and achieve victory while peaceful means to do so still remain.

Our President has called us to assemble in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021. This is our generation’s equivalent of the call to the Lexington Common, or to mobilize after Pearl Harbor. Answer the call if you can, and serve as a representative for those who for legitimate reasons cannot attend (financial limitations, physical mobility challenges, child care constraints and so on).

The denizens of D.C. know full well that for every single person they see out of their window, there are several more who feel the same passion, but could not make it. So, every one of us who shows up is a force multiplier.

For all of us, whether we can attend or not, there is much to do beforehand: bombarding those in power with respectful but uncompromising communications demanding that the legitimate, actual election results be recognized and fulfilled. We can do this during lunch breaks, in the evening, on weekends, from home computers or from our cell phones.

WE can unite in a grassroots “Patriots’ Petition Brigade” – our communications should begin immediately, and increase every day, reaching a crescendo on January 6, 2021. Call / email daily if you can – and consider increasing your frequency as we approach January 6th – contacting every target you can until they publicly and unambiguously commit. And then hold them accountable for following through.

But first, a word about our “targets.”


Each of you must determine your priority targets. For example, folks in the contested “swing states” those will have different priority targets than will folks elsewhere. Wherever we are though, let us “shock and awe” the targets with virtual torches and pitchforks. Now, our target (in alphabetical order) …

Democrat officeholders. Seriously! We tend to write them off – but this also promotes their continued isolation in the Progressive media bubble. Just imagine if they start getting inundated with calls and emails from their constituents demanding to know why, e.g., they are acting as accessories to a stolen election? Demanding that they redeem themselves and join in objecting to elector-products of fraud, and then vote to uphold the actual and legitimate election result.

Realistically, few will buck their party. BUT some who are in non-secure districts might. Also, just imagine the conversations in private Democrat caucus meetings as multiple members start describing how their offices are being inundated with calls and emails – that they’ve never experienced such a thing from the rightand that it’s clear that tens of millions of citizens aren’t going to just roll-over and accept the steal, nor “move on.” This could pay both tangible and intangible dividends for our righteous side, even if we are not made aware them.

Republican officeholders. No explanation necessary regarding those in Congress. (Below the main text of this piece I will provide the text of the latest email I’ve sent to my entire Congressional delegation, which happens to be “Republican.” Feel free to adapt some or all of it, as you see fit.)

Even if not in a “swing state,” also consider contacting your state and local Republicans demanding that they issue a public statement supporting contesting the electoral college results on January 6th. Let the heat rise up through the entire Republican Party, singeing the feet of the officeholders in D.C.

On a state, regional or local basis, patriot groups could create petitions demanding that their federal delegation uphold the actual and legitimate election results on January 6, 2021 – and demand that their state and local officials sign it.

Republican National Committee (and state counterparts): The party apparatus also needs to feel the heat.

Social Media: For all the above, also flood their social media accounts.

Supreme Court(s) – U.S., and in swing states: Imagine if for the first time the Justices’ offices are inundated with calls and emails demanding that they hear the evidence, rule in accordance with that evidence, and uphold our Constitutional order. While the judiciary tries to maintain a pretense that they’re demigods who are above partisanship or politics – and so may publicly portray that they will not be influenced by our petitions – we know better.


Who says that being a patriotic counter-revolutionary is a slog? We can have a little fun while engaging:

Yes, always be polite and calm — angry or diatribe / accusatory communications will be disregarded, and make our effort look bad;

A script isn’t necessary (but have one if you want), but be prepared to say what you want to say briefly and succinctly;

Don’t leave room for politicians’ wiggle room. In one set of calls to my (Republican) Congressional delegation, I began with: “As a constituent, I want to express my disappointment that ___ has not yet committed to contesting the electors on January 6th. This is about maintaining election integrity and supporting our Republican President, which should be a given for a Republican Congressman / Senator.” Note there was not asking them to, or if they would – it was conveying a specific expectation.

Now here’s the fun part — for each set of your (daily or weekly) communications, try to come up with a polite but pithy phrase as either your intro or your finale. In the series of calls above (also applicable to email), I used: “Please convey to Senator / Congressman, with all due respect, that this is a time for leadership, not for windsocks.”

Messages with more pithy or memorable phrases are more likely to be shared by staff with the officeholder themselves, and so have an even greater impact. (Note that while what I said was borderline insulting, it implicitly offered the “target” the opening to be a leader – it did not say that “you are” a windsock – it said in effect that this is a time for leaders, and so please rise to the occasion).

I also mentioned (in a non-threatening / matter-of-fact way) that I would continuing monitoring that officeholder’s position, and am sharing what I learn with fellow constituents – this trying to be a “force multiplier.”

That’s it my fellow Patriots. WE are President Trump’s cavalry. As John Wayne might have said: “SADDLE UP! IT’S TIME TO RIDE!”

Postscript – The Text of My Most Recent Email to Each of My Congressional Delegation:

I am profoundly disappointed that you have not yet committed to supporting election integrity by publicly committing to contesting the (purported) Electoral College results on January 6th.

As you know, the evidence of a pre-planned effort to steal the election is overwhelming. The “Transition Integrity Project” and its “color revolution” playbook; the Navarro report “The Immaculate Deception” and the Epoch Times documentary “Who’s Stealing America?” (just for starters) make inarguable that this country is being subjected to a de facto coup.  That is even before we get into the evidence presented by Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis in court filings and state hearings in multiple states.

The most fundamental of your duties is your oath to defend and uphold the Constitution.   If the coup plotters are allowed to get away with this – our Constitution is finished.  That is not hyperbole – without honest elections, a republic is that in name only – and those that plotted this “steal” will be emboldened, and use the levers of power now in their hands to ensure that all future elections are “fundamentally transformed” to maintain their power.

The stakes here far transcend party loyalty or attempted diktats by GOP leadership.  If you (and your fellow GOP officeholders) shirk their duty to ensure that the ACTUAL election results are revealed and consummated, then none of you deserve re-election. Ever.  The GOP will deserve to go the way of the Whig Party.

The American people who legitimately voted for President Trump are watching – intently.  History is watching those acts of commission, and omission by our judiciary and elected officials.  

And above all, God is watching each individual’s own acts (and failures to act) as well all confront this existential threat to our Divinely-inspired Constitutional Republic.

Please sir, do your duty! [END]

I am the author of the book Communiqués From the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy – available on Kindle (only $2.99) and in paperback (only $12.99). Please consider enjoying my work by purchasing and reading.  Thank you.

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Author: Thomas Wigand

Thomas C. Wigand is a citizen patriot – trained as an attorney and hailing from Florida – who in in his own small way is fighting alongside stalwarts such as Trevor Loudon, Cliff Kincaid and David Horowitz. Fighting alongside they and all other patriots that recognize the existential threat posed by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Collectivism: Progressivism; Socialism; Fascism and Communism. Mr. Wigand is the author of the book "Communiqués From The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” available on Amazon in print and Kindle versions.

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