Making Heroes Out Of Dope Dealers And Stoners

By: Cliff Kincaid

The new “Heroes” bill offered by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the latest version of the Green New Deal. It makes “heroes” out of dope dealers, with the “green” being marijuana and money.

The $3 trillion bill, considered DOA (Dead on Arrival) in the Senate, is an example of the power of Big Marijuana, which owes its very existence to billionaire George Soros, the founder of the modern drug legalization movement. The Heroes act, supposedly designed to provide relief from the coronavirus, legalizes banking on a federal level by marijuana businesses.

Marijuana trafficking and drug-money laundering are still illegal under federal law. The Heroes act would change that by incorporating a version of the so-called Safe Banking Act (HR 1595) into the legislation.

“Our lobbying team in D.C. has been hard at work on your behalf,” says the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA). “We have been working every angle and are exploring any and all opportunities to provide relief for our industry.”

The lobbying paid off. “On Tuesday,” the group said, “Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi unveiled the newest bill to provide the next stage of coronavirus relief funding and included language that would improve access to banking services and loans for the regulated cannabis industry.”

The “regulated” marijuana industry is a reference to drug operations that have been legalized by some states to generate tax revenue and campaign contributions to left-wing politicians.

Demonstrating the power of this lobbying group, the executive director of the NCIA noted that his industry has been deemed “essential” in most states during the coronavirus crisis.

Passage of the bill would greatly facilitate the use of marijuana, a drug sometimes compared known to Soma in Aldous Huxley’s classic book Brave New World. The drug is used to keep people addicted and complacent while politicians maintain their control over the stoners by promising easy access to cheap dope. One big problem is that the high potency marijuana being sold today is linked to mental illness, and the violence that results from its use has and can affect us all.

To cite just one example, the Islamic Jihadist Boston bombers were marijuana users and traffickers. The Journal of Addiction Research & Therapy has published a ground-breaking analysis of how marijuana is linked to violence, mental illness, and jihad.

“Given the known scientific harms of marijuana, which all politicians should be acutely aware of, to aid this illegal business in any manner should be considered an act of treason,” said Roger Morgan, author of Soros: The Drug Lord. Pricking the Bubble of American Supremacy. “The Democratic Party and its leaders have been owned and controlled by George Soros for decades.  Soros drug policies are still in effect.  Too many Republicans have crossed the line as well. Ultimately, the solution is to enforce marijuana laws, the burden of which falls directly on the Commander-In-Chief.”

In a personal account of the human toll, Heidi A. Swan wrote a book about her brother’s life as a homeless drug addict with cannabis-induced psychosis who went to jail eighteen times. The story is called “A Night In Jail” and has been adapted for the stage and made into a short film. Dr. Christine L. Miller helped produce a very informative free educational toolkit to go along with the story that explains how about 12-15 percent of users of low-to-moderate doses of THC, the mind-altering ingredient in marijuana, will have a psychotic experience. However, it says that because today’s marijuana is much stronger, “more people are at risk to experience psychosis and schizophrenia.”

Tucker Carlson’s Fox program on Tuesday night noted that, in addition to promising “safe banking” for drug dealers, the Heroes bill directs that money be used in minority communities so that marijuana businesses can more easily distribute their dope to people of color. “Democrats would like to see more drug sales in minority neighborhoods,” he said. He counted an astounding 68 references to cannabis, another name for marijuana, in the legislation.

Playing the role of fact-checker, I used the “find” feature on my computer and confirmed Carlson’s claim about 68 references in the bill to cannabis. This is all being done under the cover of fighting a virus. Yet, smoking dope makes one more likely to get sick after getting exposed to the virus, which causes lung damage in many people.

Scott Chipman, Vice President of Americans Against Legalizing Marijuana, said, “The leadership in the House is using their COVID funding request to pay back and buy the loyalty of pot drug dealer donors. They hide behind the idea of ‘social justice’ in supporting assistance to ethnic drug dealers to set up drug dealing marijuana businesses in ‘under-served’ ethnic communities. These are the very communities that have been, and are, most negatively impacted by drug dealing and drug addiction. This would not be assistance to these communities, it would be abuse.”

On CNBC, which is owned by Comcast, commentator Jim Cramer has become a big booster of pot stocks. His motivation appears financial, as his newsletter regularly features such headlines as “Top 5 Cannabis Companies to Buy.” He’s now quoted as saying that marijuana stocks “need Democrats to show up with some wins in the November election.”

The power of Big Marijuana is so great that Dwight K.Blake, Editor-in-Chief of American Marijuana, reports that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has changed his anti-drug position and is now counted as a supporter of marijuana legalization.

Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.


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