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Pandemic Playbook Faults

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code Several weeks ago, Politico published an article describing how President Trump failed to adhere to the 2016 Pandemic Playbook complete…

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The Post & Email Interviews “Humanitarian Hoax” Author Linda Goudsmit

The Post & Email “WHO BENEFITS?” by Sharon Rondeau (May 5, 2020) — Last week, The Post & Email had the pleasure of interviewing Linda Goudsmit,…

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Don’t Worry Over Military-Imposed Vaccinations Just Yet; Be Very Concerned About Communist China

By: Arlen Williams | Gulag Bound “We’re mobilizing our military, and other forces, but we’re mobilizing our military on the basis that we do have a…

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Lessons For Liberators

By: Tabitha Korol “A Little Piece of Ground,” by Elizabeth Laird, is a propagandist book available to all children in many libraries across the country. …

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