Our Young Women at Risk: Tall, Dark and Deceptive

By: Meg Henry | The United West

The erosion of Free Speech in the UK and Canada should signal a warning to us in the USA. We must act before it Is too late. We need to wake up the sleeping, the uninformed, and the misguided sympathizers to the fact that Civilization Jihad is real.

Armies march forward with no impediments insight. They keep their focus on the plan to take us over from within. CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood front groups are doing a good job clearing the path, aided and abetted by the Southern Poverty Law Center and a number of Soros-backed activists who keep the cauldron of “hate” boiling. The tactic is to keep us from speaking the truth by trying to keep us on the defensive about our” hate.” Don’t buy into it. We must speak the truth and expose evil when we encounter it.

In the Civilization Jihad game plan, Muslims continue to tell us what they are doing and what they WILL be doing. They tell us over and over that they will marry our daughters and have many children. They boast that these high birth rates will allow them to take us over from within without a single shot being fired. Demographers confirm this is happening.

It is striking to observe it being played out on a daily basis with many American-born young women, our daughters. We see them wearing hijabs in family constellations of several young children and an older husband, often 20 or more years older, a full generation age gap, not to mention a huge cultural gap.

What is the attraction? What causes these young women to take on a subservient role in a male-dominated culture? Are they looking for a father figure? That could be the answer, but to find out more we need to look at what women who have abandoned the Sharia life of Islam have to say.

There are some clear reasons this is happening. These young women are promised everything. The man tells them he will treat them like a queen and proves it by showering them with gifts and attention. He tells them that they will never have to work and they can stay home and be with their children. He promises he will always be a good provider and they will want for nothing. They will be introduced to a future mother-in-law and sisters-in-laws who will provide an open-arms welcome. This young potential convert is swept off her feet with promises of a life of ease, comfort, and affection. But the real hook is security, structure, and stability.

Why do young women find this appealing? They may see this option as an escape hatch from a life that is leaving them feeling empty and rudderless. They may come from a dysfunctional family they want to escape, or they may be foundering in making their way in the world on their own as an adult. There could be a number of reasons that might make this jump to a safety net seem attractive. It would be wrong to blame their families of origin any more than the culture at large, but we need to be aware. We need to understand these motivations and be able to talk about the real facts of life in a Sharia culture so young women receive appropriate guidance and counsel before they make life-changing decisions that affect not only them but their future offspring. If the marriage does not work out, under Sharia it is likely the father would have total control of the children and the mother could be prohibited from ever seeing them again.

Life may not turn out to be as rosy as promised. After the marriage, her handsome and charming “Omar Sharif” is turning into a harsh and domineering taskmaster more like “Omar the Ogre.” Niceties have been pushed aside and he may even decide that he’s going to take another wife. He can have as many as four wives under Sharia. His extended family may not be as embracing as they were in the early days. The convert wife may be the outsider, but she has converted so if she is unhappy and decides to leave, she is facing a death sentence. By renouncing Islam, she has become an apostate and death is the punishment. Imagine being caught up in this situation.

These young women need our compassion and our help, but, even more, we need to make sure other young women make the momentous decision to convert only after a thorough understanding of what they are getting into. There must be an informed decision-making process. Girls need to be able to explore these things no later than high school, certainly by the time they start dating. No parent should ever send a daughter away to college without informing her of the real facts of what they might encounter on campus with charming Sharia-adherent men looking for converts to become wives and bear their children. CAIR and the MSA foster campus atmospheres that dampen free speech if they feel it threatens their Sharia agenda, making it unlikely young women will ever hear the truth. Parents need to sit down with their daughters and explain just what might be encountered on campus and guide them to develop strategies to deal with these challenges. Add gaining citizenship into the mix and you can see why college is a vulnerable time in a young woman’s life.

Unfortunately, in most cases, it’s very late in the game. Teenagers have been bombarded with propaganda since preschool. Diversity is good. Everything parents believe in is bad. Christianity and Judaism will be acceptable only when pandering to interfaith out-reach programs. Young women need to know the truth. It is critical that we use our freedom of speech to share the history and the truth about the Sharia-conforming life.

In talking with American-born converts, it is clear that many knew very little about Sharia before they married. They didn’t know what they didn’t know. It is our job to shine a light on the truth, to fight against false charges of hate and Islamophobia, to bring the message to those who need it. Time is fleeting.

What will you do to speak the truth to those within your sphere of influence?


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1 thought on “Our Young Women at Risk: Tall, Dark and Deceptive

  1. Two things:

    Christopher Lee, the actor, titled his autobiography “Christopher Lee: Talk, Dark and Gruesome”. I have a personally autographed copy about 3 feet from my computer. He was both a British SAS(Special Air Service) commando and RAF fighter pilot (Spitfires and Mustangs), during WW2. He may have played “gruesome” people in the movies but in person he was intelligent, well educated and a freedom fighter.

    Re the reference to the “Omar Sharif” typed Sharia husband you created, Sharif actually was a friend of Israel and his films were, at least for some time, banned in his native Egypt.

    I understand the need for an illustrative “stereotype” of the hardcore Islamic/Sharia Law husband, but you picked the wrong man for that. I would think that Osama Bin Laden would have been a better pick.

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