1 thought on “America’s Survival TV – Middle East Events, Freedom of Speech and Religion in the U.S.

  1. I will only say a few things first mr Kincaid a Nwo catholic not a real true catholic just blows my mind with his statements about religion it truly points out to me how ignorant he really is about the one true chur h that he is supposed to be a member thst is the roman catholic church outside of which there is no salvation if he Denys or does not promote this he is a heretic point blank
    He tells us about Rome about Benedict going after a one world order but does not tell you god comes first I can go on about him but will stop let’s get to mr wiles which I have supported he tells and speaks like a real catholic should especially repenting no real catholic have I heard say anything about that or are sins of this country or the world that have offended god but there is a bigger problem with these brave hearts they fear truth they fear mentioning truth about who and what planned all these evil things on us and the world they fall short maybe it makes good story’s to keep things rolling to make talks continue to think your doing something for god but they are not I leave you with things to look up the truth is there you will not like them why you been controlled by lucifer and his minions first look up naolhide laws they took the place of the ten commandments bush put them into law next these same laws are in the united nations for the whole world look it up it is there ext the luciferians Rothschild pope for lucifer and then he has his clergy of cardinal bishops and priests the war is between god and lucifer two churches always was this problem from day one Rome the true church was taken over by lucifer enthroned in the sistine chapel in 1963 up popped the symbol broken carried by Paul six showing this power change Our Blessed Mother warned in 1846 at Lassalette here own words Rome Will Loose The Faith And Become The Seat Of The AntiChrist and the true chur h will be in eclipse it happened just like she said wake up cliff learn your faith all religions are not one few souls are going to be saved last comments russia spread its evil thru out the world it is in the USA has been for a long time the Zionist are in control but even mr wiles does not touch this at all remember the Muslims are set up to take the fall even the head chopping of people the noalhide laws have been doing this for years to Christians look it up so sheeple there is only one faith one church one baptism outside of which there is no salvation time is up sin is totally out of control the big a is coming and the false prophet which will be a Jew is coming along with the Antichrist a Jew nothing is ever going to be the same Our Lords own who is going to left when I return

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