Know The Enemy

By: Tabitha Korol

Despite the naysayers’ denials, we are at war. Some cite President George H.W. Bush as the impetus when he signed UN Agenda 21 in 1992, calling it a One World Government, a la George Soros’s One World Order.  And with all the offenses we have seen since then, occurring more frequently now than before 9/11, we continue to misjudge our formidable foe and wait for recognizable uniforms, grander weaponry, and futuristic vehicles. Rather, one facet of the war comes by small boats and on foot.

They are a ragtag army, shabby, unruly, ungovernable with no discernible leader, although they operate in unison, and occasionally accompanied by a woman and child to confuse and tug at heartstrings. Their methods are effective because our populace has been shamed into obediently accepting the concept of multiculturalism from tyrannical regimes over our own, believing that disparate, incongruent, and even conflicting ideas can suddenly and mysteriously blossom into harmony once they’re embraced on Western soil.

We underestimate these people of the sand, whose accomplishments cannot be measured by our standards, cannot earn our respect or Nobel prizes, yet they nevertheless manage to achieve their undertakings, reach their objectives, and day by day, spread their influence throughout the world, poisoning and destroying all they touch. How is it that, despite their backwardness, they can infiltrate other cultures and challenge the limits of democracies, republics, and kingdoms?

First, the populations of western countries have been prepared by a thorough indoctrination of believing themselves to be the cause of the world’s woes and, therefore, the ones responsible for their welfare and apportioning our bounty.

Second, the Islamic migrants’ training derives primarily from their family structure, where there is no fealty between the man and his multiple wives and concubines, who come from a background that leaves their basic human needs unmet, and continues the same ideology into the next generations. Their offspring carry the familial enmity with them and their religion/ideology promotes a deep-seated hatred from the moment they can understand language.  We now also recognize that they are cast out by their families during their teen years when they are most beset by physical, cognitive, emotional, social, sexual, and spiritual challenges. They are filled with deep frustrations and rage, prepared to overwhelm the women of the welcoming countries while facing little opposition from the men.

Third, the migrants are menacingly – even strategically – dispersed throughout most of western Europe. France and Germany have the largest Muslim populations in Europe – 5.7 million (8.8%) in France and 5 million (6.1%) in Germany, and constitute 25.4 percent of Cyprus’s population. Angela Merkel admitted that multiculturalism has “utterly failed,” as mosques are replacing churches and attacks against Jews increase. Sweden has become a “disaster, with her generous policy of mindless immigration and inability to control them, and 61 no-go zones, thus seriously endangering her citizens. At 6,620 reported rapes in 2014, an increase of 300 percent, Sweden is the Rape Capital of Europe, second only to Lesotho, Africa. The jihadi-rapists are Salafists who demand that women be veiled, disallow votes, and threaten business owners with decapitation, while the Swedish political leaders avert their attention. Britain’s Muslims are responsible for kidnapping female students off the streets for sex trafficking. “Grooming gangs” abused more than 700 women and girls (sometimes boys) in the North East section alone, including rape, supplying drugs and trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Fourth, by 2050, the Muslim population could double due to the overwhelmingly young male influx with high fertility rates.  The welcoming European countries are over-extended with the burden of providing food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, and education in the billions of Euros; and dealing with the decline of societal cohesion, neighborhoods-turned-no-go-zones, a general rise in criminality; and a rise in Islamic-style crimes of gang rape, kidnapping and sexually enslaving young women and children.

Disclaimers be damned, France’s character is hanging in the balance. Her Muslim minority, now estimated at 4.2 million (5% of the population) considers itself a new nation that will emerge as an Islamic African nation in 30 years due to rampant immigration by teens and young adults with a 33% higher birthrate than the indigenous French.  Their more than 700 Muslim neighborhoods are rife with riots, violence and law-breaking, unemployment, and increased Islamic identification with their women wearing the veil. Rape is up 20%. Some 500,000 Muslims are said to be converts, while, by contrast, the Catholic church and clergy are on a dramatic decline. “France is no longer France”; “Paris is no longer Paris.” It is now a state of fear, with increasing Muslim assertiveness.

The French authorities, Globalists, are more than mere bystanders. They are complicit in destabilizing the values and identity of the occupied country. Nathan, France’s most popular, controversial and government-funded textbook publisher, has produced books that are clearly indoctrinal. A math book last year featured a math problem about drowning migrants. This year, it produced a 32-page, sex-educational manual, “How to make babies,” read by millions of children, age five and older. It contains love-making instructions and drawings of mixed-race couples, always unveiled white women with darker-skinned Arab-Muslim men – obvious thought reform. The books address “love,” but there is no love in the multiple, non-consensual Islamic marriages. Neither do the textbooks address what happens to French white girls who marry the older Muslim men. When he returns with his bride to his country of origin, she faces the full impact of Sharia – beatings, imprisonment for disobedience, and she may be prevented from ever returning to her Western home.

Globalists accept the multitudes and endless chain-migration families on the absurd and deceitful premise that all cultures are equal, employing the same tactics used by other tyrannies. Our own leftists have supplied our schools with the like-minded and proselytizing teaching materials to produce a compliant generation that is tolerant of the intolerable. Our textbooks have long been teaching that America is colonialist and guilty of slavery.  The fact that we were among the first countries to abolish slavery has been omitted from the text.

Our children are no longer learning the truth about our country’s history and founding.  As we saw during the Kavanaugh hearings, young women are reacting viscerally that all men are guilty of crimes, and all contradictory opinions must be screamed down. Our boys are being debilitated, ridiculed and feminized (emotionally emasculated) to the extreme. They are eagerly accepting their leftist instructors’ views on whitewashed progressivism, communism, and Islamism; weakened in morality and responsibility for jobs and families, and proving to be less qualified to join the armed forces should they be needed for defense.

Cicero warned, “A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.” The Globalist regime has their army from within – the world’s children.

Tabitha Korol


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2 thoughts on “Know The Enemy

  1. Read Freud’s “Civilization and it’s Discontents”

    Basically religion is a set of cultural ethics and laws. Without ethics and laws, people would completely obey their “ID” or Freud’s pleasure principle, as primitive godless brutes murder and rape with impunity. Before Judaism there was no concept of gender – there was only the penetrator and the penetrated, the strong and the weak who could not fend off rape, murder, enslavement, whatever.

    Judaism proscribed homosexuality and laid down the 10 commandments. You can imagine how this must have infuriated the ID of say the Babylonians and their sexual slave market. Basically without Judeo-Christianity what you get is essentially ISIS like behavior.

    As long as there is an ID there will always be “discontents” within civilization, straining against the ethics and laws that impede their pleasure Satanism on the other hand glorifies the ID with the saying “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”.

    The enemy is able to spread through civilization by appealing to the ID or to people’s lower nature (as defined by the culture’s ethics and laws)

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