Georgia Conservatives Should Vote For Brian Kemp: Trevor Loudon Interviews Jeanne Seaver

Vice President Mike Pence at rally for Brian Kemp

Brian Kemp or Casey Cagle? Georgia conservatives face a momentous choice in this Tuesday’s Republican gubernatorial run-off.

Jeanne Seaver is a veteran Savannah-based grassroots conservative. She was ​hired as ​the grassroots coordinator for the Trump campaign in Georgia.

Trevor Loudon is a true Southerner. From New Zealand, Loudon takes a strong interest in Georgia politics and has addressed numerous Tea Party and Republican audiences in the Peach State.

Trevor reached out to Jeanne this week for her view on the question facing conservatives: Brian Kemp or Casey Cagle?

Trevor: I’m hearing reports from Kemp leaning activists concerned that Casey Cagle was endorsed by the NRA, while Kemp was not. What’s your take on this?

Jeanne: I’ve known Brian Kemp since 2002, he is as pro-2nd Amendment as you can possibly possibly get. When the NRA endorsed Cagle, he was ahead in the polls. I think it was simply a case of the NRA picking who they thought would win. Governor Kemp would be rock solid on gun rights.

Trevor: Character – you’ve dealt with both candidates. What’s your take?

Jeanne: I’ve dealt with Brian Kemp through several campaigns. He is the most hard working trustworthy politician I have met. He serves as Georgia Secretary of State, after hours he campaigns non-stop, yet he never fails to answer a phone call or text. He always has an answer, or will delegate someone to supply the information. He’s a machine. Brian is super accessible at all times. He’s a committed family man and he loves ALL Georgians.  I think he will be one of the most accessible Governors in recent history.

Trevor: Brian Kemp is genuinely pro-life?

Jeanne: One hundred per cent.

Trevor: The Cagle campaign has put out robo-calls saying that Casey Cagle won Georgia for President Trump. You were a campaign leader. How true is this statement?

Jeanne: Unfortunately not very. I hardly saw Casey Cagle lift a finger for Donald Trump through the whole campaign. Brian Kemp was very active throughout. He wasn’t in a leadership role but he was certainly very active. I’d like to add, that in my experience, the same people who backed Donald Trump early on are the same people now active in the Kemp campaign. I’ve been involved in Georgia politics for decades. When I walked into my first Trump rally, I couldn’t believe the energy. I’d never seen anything like it. The diversity was amazing. Everyone was there. Old. young, men women. Every race and faith in Georgia. The energy of the Black pastors was amazing. This is the same energy I’m seeing in Kemp meetings.

Trevor: Cagle – Chamber of Commerce Republican, Kemp – grassroots conservative. That’s my take. Is it fair?

Jeanne:  Yes it is. In this year’s primaries the grassroots, and social conservatives gave the Chamber of Commerce Republicans a real beating. The grassroots stands poised to re-take control of the Georgia House.  Electing Casey Cagle would be back to business as usual. Electing Governor Kemp will be a real victory for the grassroots and a much needed change in direction for Georgia politics.

Trevor: Brian Kemp has surged ahead of Casey Cagle in the polls. And that was happening before President Trump’s endorsement. Does Brian Kemp have the run-off election  in the bag?

Jeanne: No. We have reason to be confident, but not complacent. Every conservative voter MUST get to the polls by Tuesday. Our biggest danger is over-confidence. This election will make a huge difference to Georgia’s future. Brian Kemp will make an excellent Governor. He will be a great ally to President Trump. It would be a disaster to lose this one by a few hundred votes because too many Kemp voters stay home because they think it is a done deal.

Trevor: How about the General Election in November? I’ve written about the Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams here. She is a hard core leftist, backed by big socialist donors from San Francisco. They  funded her primary and have promised her $10 million more for the general. Abrams has been signing up hundreds of thousands of minority voters through her “New Georgia Project.” The left is really working hard to flip Georgia blue. Who is best able to counter this? Cagle or Kemp?

Jeanne: Brian Kemp, as Secretary of State, has been fighting Stacey Abrams’ schemes for years. She called him a ‘racist’ because he refused to validate 200,000 of her dubious voter registrations. You’re right, the left is targeting Georgia hard. They will make this a national race. A Chamber of Commerce Republican can’t be relied on to fight this onslaught. It’ll take a full mobilization of the Trump/grassroots base to beat Stacey Abrams. Only Brian Kemp can do that.

Trevor: So the choice is pretty clear?

Jeanne: Absolutely. If we want make Georgians freer, more prosperous and secure in their homes and communities Brian Kemp is the right choice.

After President Trump endorsed the true conservative Brian Kemp, the mainstream media jumped on the story, clearly frustrated that President Trump did not endorse the Chamber of Commerce (a.k.a RINO) in the race. The New York Times cited the Republican Governors Association (RGA), which is chaired by Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, who called for President Trump to step down even after he became the Republican nominee. The New York Times chided President Trump for his “out-of-the-blue tweet in support of Mr. Kemp,” which “was only the latest example of him intervening in races with no warning to the party infrastructure.”

It is called “draining the swamp,” New York Times.

Georgia, it is a no-brainer for those who care about America. Vote for Brian Kemp for Governor.


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