WATCH: Chaos as ‘Migrants’ Destroy Gate at Mexico’s Southern Border

‘Migrants’ tearing down Mexico southern border gate (Milenio Televisión screenshot)

Mexican television cable news channel Milenio Televisión posted a Facebook live video yesterday with the description (translated): “Central American migrants break gate on the border bridge with Mexico.” The truly terrifying scene consists of young men who appear to be auditioning for Antifa – many have scarves obscuring their faces as they throw rocks and use their bodies to tear down Mexico’s southern border gate.

Despite the “migrant’s” oft-reported “desperate need for asylum after fleeing violence in Honduras” meme, the “migrants” turned down Mexico’s offer of asylum.

Watch the video, which has been seen over 8 million times at the time of publication (Hat Tip X Strategies):

The main organizer of the so-called “caravan” appears to be Bartolo Fuentes of the Liberty and Refoundation Party (Libre), which claims that “revolution is inevitable” on the path to “economic and social equality,” as reported in a must read article by Fergus Hodgson at the Epoch Times. “The socialist and criminal elements of the caravan were evident from the beginning,” Hodgson writes. Libre was represented in the 2013 presidential election by Xiomara Castro, the wife of the former socialist president Manuel Zelaya, who was ousted in a coup in 2009 (and was unsurprisingly supported by then-President Obama).

Xiomara Castro, it should be noted, has been posting obsessively about the “caravan” on Twitter. She also retweeted her socialist husband,  who claimed (according to Google Translate) that “[I]t is unacceptable for the US to mistreat human beings fleeing death. USA @ realDonaldTrump is the main responsible for the tragedy that Honduras is living through the collusion with the dictatorship of Juan Orlando Hernández.”

It makes sense that the ousted socialists would have a problem with the sitting president. The current President, Juan Orlando Hernández (also known as JOH), is considered to be “right wing” and is therefore despised by the hard-left Libre and their allies in the mainstream media. Interestingly, the members of the caravan from April reportedly chanted “out with JOH.” A cursory Google search confirms that the chant is used by the hard-left in Honduras. Buzzfeed gleefully reported that the “migrants” also chanted “we aren’t immigrants, we’re international workers” and “the people united will never be defeated.” The chants are indicative of communist activists, not desperate asylum seekers.

From the Epoch Times article:

“The Libre candidate in the 2017 presidential election was Salvador Nasralla. Not only is Nasralla a big fan of the migrant caravan, but he also has a soft spot for the dictatorship in Venezuela and fans in the FARC terrorists of Colombia. During his campaign, he claimed mass protests in Venezuela were a “media invention,” while more than 100 Venezuelan agents were in Honduras to get him elected.

Honduran Minister of International Affairs María Dolores Agüero adds that the caravan’s organizers are working in tandem with organized crime. The organizers deceived participants, she claims, by promising secure, visa-free travel, and documentation for asylum in the United States—all too good to be true, but plenty of unwitting people bought the lie. Two have already died along the way.”

Vice President Mike Pence stated that President Hernández informed him that funding for the caravan was provided by Venezuela, which would make sense considering their alliance with Libre. This claim has enraged Libre and their hard-left allies, who insist that the “migrants” are fleeing poverty and violence.

For example, Xiomara Castro proclaimed (translated) “I find it grotesque that an empire like USA takes from referring to JOH who is a phony and cynical informant!”

Castro tweeted an interview with the illegal immigration propaganda reporter Jorge Ramos with Anderson Cooper of CNN denouncing President Trump for claiming that Middle Easterners could be a part of the caravan. Consider that the President of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales, claimed to have “arrested almost 100 people highly linked to terrorist groups” earlier this month.

Other images from Milenio Televisión:

Last week Alex Mensing, an organizer with Pueblo Sin Fronteras (Eng: People without Borders) – the group responsible for the “caravan” in April 2018 – explained that “migrants are fleeing horrendous conditions in their home countries…” AZ central quoted Mensing as saying: “[T]hat is why people leave: they have no other option,” he said. Mensing further blamed the United States for “horrible conditions” in Central America, although the author did not elaborate.


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