Election Chaos: Can It Be Avoided?

CCNS | A virtual special event hosted by the Citizens Commission on National Security, with guest commentators Allen West and J. Christian Adams.

The Citizens Commission on National Security (CCNS) is pleased to announce the release of the first in a series of new Virtual Special Events. It features two guests very much involved in the highly challenging effort to keep this upcoming presidential election both free and fair. One is Allen West, a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, former Congressman and current chairman of the Republican Party of Texas. The other is J. Christian Adams, the President & General Counsel of the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) and a recently appointed member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. Hosts for the show are Roger Aronoff, the executive director and editor of the CCNS, a non-profit national security watchdog organization, and Bobby Eberle, the host of “The 13-Minute News Hour” on YouTube and the owner of GOPUSA.com.

One thing is sure. The trust between the Democrats and Republicans is non-existent. 2000 and 2016 now seem quaint in terms of election controversies. At least in 2000, it was limited to four counties in Florida, and we had never been through anything like that. It is quite clear that in that case, either side would have accepted the ruling of the Supreme Court. In 2016, it was clear that Hillary Clinton didn’t want to concede, not just because it crushed her soul and ego and dreams of being the first woman president. But there was nowhere to turn. The three closest defeats for Hillary came in Michigan (approx. 11,000 votes), Wisconsin (23,000), and Pennsylvania (44,000). Even if she could have reversed Wisconsin and Michigan, it wouldn’t have changed the outcome. So she conceded. It doesn’t look like she would this year, urging Joe Biden not to concede “under any circumstances!”

The Democrats and their allies in the media continue to assure us that there is little or no evidence of voter fraud as a result of mail-in voting. They attempt to blur the line by conflating absentee voting, which requires requesting a ballot and having a matching signature, with widespread and in some cases unsolicited mail-in voting.

Democrats accuse Republicans of attempting to suppress the vote. This year there will be tens of millions of ballots circulating, and extended deadlines for mail-in votes. And daily we are subjected to stories in the news about ballots being found in ditches, incorrect ballots being mailed out to people, in some cases without a place to vote for president, and much more.

Christian Adams’ PILF recently released a very extensive report on these very issues. Among its findings, “It appears there are hundreds of thousands of undetected dead registrants, dead registrants casting ballots, registrants with multiple registrations within the same state and different states, people voting twice across state lines, and many registered at improper commercial addresses like casinos, gas stations, and restaurants.”

The discussion in “Election Chaos: Can it be Avoided?” covers these and other issues that paint a bleak, and at times hopeful picture of what to expect starting on Election Day 2020. There is a lot of great information in this program. Don’t miss it and stay tuned for more in the coming weeks and months.


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