#Oregon: Congressman Earl Blumenauer calls to ‘Abolish’ ICE

Congressman Earl Blumenauer from Oregon with DACA recipient and activist Aldo Alán Solano Mendéz (right).

Congressman Earl Blumenauer from Oregon wrote a bizarre article for Medium titled “It’s time we abolish ICE.” His compelling argument is that the Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) department is “failing us.” Blumenauer is one of the Democratic members of Congress who boycotted President Trump’s State of the Union address in January, opting to send a DACA recipient in his place.

The “DREAMer” was Aldo Alán Solano Mendéz. Mendez, who, like many of his fellow DACA recipients, is a hard-core progressive activist fighting for amnesty.

Aldo Alán Solano Mendéz leads march for Amnesty in March 2018.

On ICE, Blumenauer writes in part:

“There is no turning back when agents of the federal government and our ‘commander-in-chief’ lose respect for humanity and treat people like animals.”

“We should abolish ICE and start over, focusing on our priorities to protect our families and our borders in a humane and thoughtful fashion. Now is the time for immigration reform that ensures people are treated with compassion and respect. Not only because it is the moral thing to do, but it’s better policy and will cost less.”

Read more about Congressman Earl Blumenauer on his Keywiki Profile.


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