#FreeTheHammonds PETITION: Ask President Trump to Pardon Political Prisoners

The Hammond Family


There is an incredibly sick affront to justice happening right now, under all of our noses. A father and son, Dwight and Steven Hammond, continue to sit in prison as victims of a massive federal bureaucracy that has been hounding the family, as well as other ranching families, for decades. The Hammond family happens to own property desired by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and have been pressured for decades to sell their land to the federal government following in the footsteps of their neighbors, who all eventually gave in.

After numerous legal battles ostensibly designed to beat the family into submission, the ranchers were charged with arson under the “Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996” years after setting two fires that spread to “public” lands in 2001 (spread onto 139 acres of vacant land – which ultimately improved the land) and 2006, an emergency backfire set in order to protect their property in 2006 during a lightening storm which spread and burned an acre of adjoining “public” land.

According to a website dedicated to preparedness,

Backfiring is a way of reducing the amount of flammable material by starting small fires along a manmade or natural firebreak in front of the main fire. These small fires are started on the side of the firebreak closest to the oncoming fire. These small fires are designed to ‘burn back towards the main fire front’ and are usually burning and traveling against ground level winds. This widens the firebreak and helps to suppress the main fire by removing the fuel.

With this in mind, consider recent news stories where controlled fires set by the government ended up spreading to other areas:

The forest fires that sometimes result from controlled fires are not unusual, and when the government is the perpetrator, there are no charges of arson.

The documentation to pardon Dwight and Steven Hammond is in the White House as of May 19 2018.



Author: renee nal

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10 thoughts on “#FreeTheHammonds PETITION: Ask President Trump to Pardon Political Prisoners

  1. And yet, there is absolutely no accountability for a long list of crimes that has been committed by these communists/globalists… for uranium one, the klinton foundation, fast and furious, 21,000,000,000,000 in fake bank federal reserve debt, wide open borders being flooded with foreigners who hate America and Americans etc etc the list of crimes against the republic go on and on and on… scandal after scandal after scandal with impunity and with zero accountability. It is lawlessness to the 9th degree.

    Now they are conspiring and working harder than ever before to take your firearms away, your free speech, and after that it WILL be your private property and assets… I’ll leave it up to y’all to figure out for yourselves what they come for after they take your private property.

    Wake up America

  2. It is past time to pardon and free those wrongfully incarcerated under the obama administration!

  3. This isn’t true. The Hammonds were shooting deer illegally and got caught by an guide. To cover up their crime they set the fires intentionally and on public land. The prime witness against them was one of their cousins who was told by the Hammonds to help light the fire. This was far from the first time that the Hammonds had set fires carelessly.

    1. hmmm clearly you are one sided, thats why there needs to be a petition and charges dropped on some, do some research. it isn’t about them it is about harry reid/hillary and a stupid mouse and uranium. lies lies and deception. i saw finicum murdered on my computer screen so don’t even go there.

    2. It is amazing how the people who will suffer the most under tyranny, seem to champion it the most. You protest for your own demise.

      1. Useful idiots help out by working for their own ruin and demise believing they are supporting the common good. But little do they know they are just pawns that are squashed like cockroackes after phase 1 communism is complete. That’s how communists operate.

        Just last week I had some a–wipe useful idiot college student try to tell me that the Soviet Union wasn’t real communism. Just think about that for a second. That is the mentality that our next generations are being indoctrinated and brainwashed with in academia.

        1. Wow that is really horrifying about that student, Pamela. These kids are being indoctrinated. You are absolutely right – they will be the first to go.

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