Zapatista Leader Promises "Civil War"

Subcomandante Marcos, the mysterious leader of Mexico’s Zapatista rebels, recently issued this warning to the Mexican state.

From La Jornada November 24, 2006

December 1, the day that Felipe Calderón takes office, will be “the beginning of the end for a political system that, since the Mexican Revolution, became deformed and began to cheat generation after generation, until this one arrived and said, ‘Enough,’” warned Subcomandante Marcos during a press conference. Calderón, he added, “will begin to fall from his first day.”

He stated, “we are on the eve of either a great uprising or a civil war.” As to the question of who would lead the uprising, he responded, “the people, each one in his or her own place, within a system of mutual support. If we can not succeed in having it happen that way, there will have to be spontaneous uprisings, civil explosions all over, a civil war in which each person is only looking out for his or her own well-being, because the possibility is already there for things to cross that line.

He cited the case of Oaxaca, where “there are no leaders or political bosses; it is the people themselves who have organized. It will be like that across the entire country.”

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7 thoughts on “Zapatista Leader Promises "Civil War"

  1. Zapatistas anarchists? Uh, what about that leader of the Zapatista leader praising the Communist dictatorship of Cuba which can be found via Once Upon a Time in the West? Some anarchist.

  2. Wow you certainly are grumpy today Trev! Plus you have your Zapatista facts wrong. The Zapatistas are rather different from traditional left groups (other than maybe anarchists) because they do not intend on taking government power. They have made this clear right from 1994 when they first made themselves visible to the World. This is why the Zapatistas have been of the upmost inspiration to the autonomist left (the types who are fans of John Holloway’s ‘Change the world without taking power’). Some on the statist left, such as Tariq Ali, have been to some extent quite dismissive of the Zapatistas, preffering to see Chavez as a better model.

    I’m not sure how I’m suddenly the one who supports murder and death. Your political Party supported the war on Iraq and its former leader was in a government that supported the Khmer Rouge rep keeping Cambodia’s UN seat after the liberation of the country by Vietnam. I don’t see how supporting the rights of West Papuans to have free speech without being shot, Palestinians the right to live without their homes being bulldozed and for teachers in Oaxaca to strike without being bashed by riot police makes me a supporter of death and slavery.

  3. I’m a bit grumpy Cameron, so I won’t give you your normal leeway.

    The Zapatistas are simply another wing of the Cuban backed Latin American revolutionary movement.

    While Mexican society is far from perfect, it is a hell of a lot better than the socialism at the point of a gun that the Zapatistas seek to impose.

    I know it must feel pretty cool Cameron, wearing a Che T shirt and waving a placard for Papua, Palestine, Oaxaca or what ever Indymedia determines is the latest worthy cause, but its about time you woke up.

    You are working for slavery and death. You ponce around Auckland uni feeling so superior because you UNDERSTAND WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON, but you have no idea.

    Put your body on the line Cameron. Go and volunteer as a soldier for the Zapatistas. Go and beat people up for Chavez. Go and shoot at Israeli soldiers while standing behind some schoolkids.

    You’re a young guy Cameron, so you can be forgiven for being a bit silly.

    However we all have to make amends for the damage we do and the evil we support sometime.

    Start now Cameron while you still can.

    Don’t leave it too late like John Minto and your friend Maire Leadbetter.

  4. You mean they kill people and look heaps cooler then Guevara?

    Well I can understand why you like them then. The far left never met a kille they didn’t love, or at least try to shill for


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