Former New Black Panther Chairman Demands Trump Hand Over Florida For Reparations For Slavery

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton |

Former New Black Panther Chairman and Nation of Islam acolyte, Malik Shabazz, is back in the news. He’s the president of the Black Lawyers for Justice and a community organizer as well. He’s also a stone cold racist black nationalist with a long, well-documented history of violently anti-Semitic remarks and accusations about the inherent evil of white people. This time he is demanding that President Trump fork over reparations for slavery or designate territory solely for African-Americans – specifically, the state of Florida.

“We must have reparations, full compensation for the theft of our land, the theft of our bodies, the theft of our people from Africa, the theft of our dignity; the desecration of our souls decade after decade after decade after decade. As I said, we don’t want your food stamps. We don’t want no government handout. We don’t want to be trying to fix up some paperwork so I can get Social Security. We want our own. Donald Trump, you don’t want us? You don’t want to be around us? Hot dammit, I don’t want to be around you,” Shabazz said during a “Save Our Sons: Stop the Killing” and “Condemn Donald Trump” National Black Men’s Convention march and rally outside of the White House on Saturday organized by the National Black Men’s Movement.

He went on: “We want land. We want our own. You don’t like us, Mr. Trump? Break us off some of this territory. You don’t like us, Mr. Trump? You don’t want to be around us? Then hand over the state of Florida,” he added. “You don’t want to be around us – make a trade. Give me Georgia. Give me Alabama. Give me South Carolina.” Hate to break it to this moron, but he’s not getting a state where he can set up a fascist, racist black power stronghold. He’s delusional. There are a ton of American’s that are willing to exercise their right to bear arms to protect their individual states.

Speakers at this hateful event included representatives from the New Black Panther Party and other organizations such as city-level Black Lives Matter groups and the National Action Network. That pretty much spells it out for you right there. They hate whites, Jews and cops. And they especially hate President Trump. Shabazz, who organized the rally, has his panties in a wad because Trump called NFL has been Colin Kaepernick a son-of-a-bitch for kneeling during the National Anthem. Hey, if the moniker fits jackass.

“If you’re a son of a bitch, as Donald Trump says, who is your mama? Where I come from, you talk about my mama that’s some fighting words. Where I come from, a man don’t let nobody talk about his mama like that; he’s ready to throw down. Where is your toughness, black man? Where is your hard-nosedness, black man? Where is your anger, black man? Where is your militancy, black man? Donald Trump says black men are sons of bitches and thereby he calls, pardon me, but I have to say it, he calls the black woman a bitch as well,” he decried to chants of “Black Power” from the crowd. “The black woman is the mother of all living things on the planet… Your women didn’t take care of your babies. It was black women on the plantation that took care of your little nasty babies.” These are radicals and communists. They are terrorists and since they are clinically insane with hate, they are very, very dangerous.

Shabazz was far from done going after Trump: “Donald Trump, the black man is not a son of a bitch. He is the original man. He’s the maker. He’s the owner. He’s the cream of the planet Earth, father of civilization and he’s the God of the universe. He is your father, cracker. Donald Trump, I’m your daddy. I’m your daddy and you’re a child that’s out of line. This is a child in the White House throwing a temper tantrum every five minutes – what kind of fool is this, unable to control his emotions?” Talk about a God complex and a power freak.

John Cheeks, head of the United States Citizens Recovery Initiative Alliance, also called for reparations or “recovery benefits for black Americans.” This is now an on-going theme with the Black Lives Matter crowd. They want to be paid for something that has nothing to do with them and that they haven’t earned in the least. They want to take from others and oppress everyone who does not look and think the way they do. “We need our unpaid due. We need it now. We cannot live in this country without money. How many can live without money? Raise your hand. I thought so. We have a President who’s in the house that our ancestors built for free. We have a congressional seat who is at the Capitol that our ancestors built for free,” he said. There was nothing ‘free’ about it and you had no hand in it, so spare us.

“We have the senators at that Capitol who enjoy the dome for free. It is time for all industries, all institutions, all associations and yes, we have public utility companies who have benefitted from slavery, such as your water company and your gas company,” he added. “How do you think water was purified? Who did it? How do you think the gas lines were buried in the street? Who do you think did it?” The people who did that, were paid wages for their work. None of these people have experienced slavery… many have never held a real job. They sit on welfare and refuse to work. You earn what you are paid for and no one owes you a damn thing. Again, they want what is not theirs and they want to take it by force if need be. Cheeks said African-Americans should attach a note to their utility bill payments that reads, “My ancestors are still looking for their unpaid wages.” Bull crap.

Dr. Cornel West, who described himself as a “revolutionary Christian,” explained why he decided to join the rally and spend time with the New Black Panther Party. “This is very important because we need to be able to come together across political, ideological and religious lines. People ask me all the time, why is it that you spend time with the New Black Panther Party, with brother [chairman] Hashim [Nzinga]?” West said at the rally. “Why do you spend time with brother Malik Shabazz? I say, ya’ll don’t understand that when you’re a love warrior you love black folk in all the different forms and all the different embodiment. Why? Because I am who I am because somebody loved me, beginning with my mama and my father.” That’s REALLY funny! West is a communist and a racist, not a Christian by any definition I recognize. Per KeyWiki: Cornel West is a leading U.S. Marxist academic and activist. He is an honorary chair of Democratic Socialists of America. He is also the author of “The Ethical Dimensions of Marxism” (1991, Monthly Review Press).

The Southern Poverty Law Center designates the New Black Panther Party as a hate group, calling it “a virulently racist and anti-Semitic organization whose leaders have encouraged violence against whites, Jews and law enforcement officers.” When you’ve lost the SPLC, you know you are a radical’s radical.

Arthur Reed, a community activist from Baton Rouge, urged the crowd not to “sit back” while police kill innocent African-Americans such as Alton Sterling. “Sometimes the only thing that this man understands is hand-to-hand combat and we cannot continue to sit back and play the coward role and pray for a better day, dammit,” Reed said at the rally. “We’re going to make it a better day because a better day has already come with what you see before you.” Violence is always the answer for these instigators.

Frankly, I don’t care what color people are. To use your race as a means to take from others and put your boot heel on their face and keep them down is reprehensible. And I’m not talking about slavery here. That was long before our time and has no relevance here anymore. I’m talking about communists, fascists and those evil individuals that belong to groups such as the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panthers and yes, Black Lives Matter.

Shabazz’s activism and calls for militant response have continued over the last several years with organized rallies and attendance at numerous events following the deaths of Freddie Gray in Baltimore and Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. He calls for violence constantly and the murder of white people, Jews and police. He can stuff his racism and hate.


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