Goodbye, Fox! CRTV launches digital network with ‘honest and informative conservative content’


Here is their press release:

LAS VEGAS (October 24, 2016) – Media company CRTV® has announced the formation of a new digital network uniquely rich with honest and informative conservative content seen nowhere else in any medium anywhere. CRTV brings together top thought-provoking personalities Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin and Mark Steyn who will share their knowledge, insightful and powerful ideas, stories and entertainment that cannot be found anywhere on television.

“We have partnered with the best thinkers and storytellers out there and given each the resources to design their own show in their own voice on their own custom set reflective of each of their personalities” according to Chris Crane, Chief Content Officer. “When CRTV officially launches in December 2016, subscribers will be able to access new and original shows in development from Michelle Malkin and Mark Steyn, joining Mark Levin’s highly successful Levin TV®.”

“With the huge success of LevinTV launched earlier this year, we decided to accelerate plans. We know people have rejected liberal media bias and there is an enormous demand for straight, bold, conservative talk and they will get it here from a wide variety of talent. This is much bigger than any of us. It is about our beloved audience.” said Mark Levin. “This is a movement with millions of liberty lovers who know cable TV content doesn’t square with their world-view. Proudly conservative in content, CRTV will allow popular personalities, presenting scholarly thought, culture to comedy, the liberty to be themselves. And, viewers will have the freedom to consume straightforward, candid, unfiltered, commercial-free, content whenever and wherever they want.”

Best-selling author, syndicated columnist, and social media pioneer, Michelle Malkin, will bring CRTV subscribers a groundbreaking investigative program: Michelle Malkin Investigates. Michelle’s exclusive, on-the-ground investigative reporting of stories ignored by the “mainstream media” will only be on CRTV. “I’m excited to join CRTV—soon to be a leader in the digital media world. We plan to deliver news-breaking, substantive content to an underserved audience” said Michelle Malkin. “After years of digging deep for the truth and uncovering hidden scandals, I look forward to my over 2 million social media followers being able to watch my original show direct and unfiltered.”

Mark Steyn is an international bestselling author, a Top Five jazz recording artist, and a leading Canadian human rights activist. He is also a popular guest host of The Rush Limbaugh Show. Mark’s writing on politics, arts and culture has been published in almost every major newspaper around the English-speaking world and he has entertained sold-out crowds from the American Midwest to the Australian Outback. The Mark Steyn Show harks back to when television was worth watching with real content, real guests, and real intellectual debate. Steyn said, “In this day and age of news lacking substance and entertainment lacking style, I’m honored to join two of my favorite writers Mark Levin and Michelle Malkin at CRTV where the content always come first.”

How to Watch

CRTV launches in December and can be accessed on any digital or mobile device.  Enjoy an entire year of CRTV for $99, available directly to you, commercial free, to watch when and what you want, where and when you want it. Save $10 by subscribing before December launch, with a yearly subscription of $89. Monthly subscriptions are $12. Current LevinTV subscribers will receive a free upgrade to a CRTV subscription until their next renewal date.

About CRTV

CRTV is your source for the most thought-provoking personalities and conservative ideas that are not available from traditional media outlets. CRTV has developed a new style in producing compelling content with stunning production quality and unique broadcast sets built to capture the individual personality and passion of each program. CRTV is developing the best programming – advocating freedom and liberty – that is delivered directly to viewers – when and where they want it. For more information, visit


Author: renee nal

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14 thoughts on “Goodbye, Fox! CRTV launches digital network with ‘honest and informative conservative content’

  1. It would be nice if they could do longer in-depth stories rather than the micro-short “sound bites” that the “current” news media seems to like. I get tired of a 5 second story and you never hear anything else on it. Often more information should be included or an more in-depth story should follow up at a later time when more of the facts are in.

  2. I tend to lean conservative but there are good and bad in everything in life. There is not one place to get unbiased news coverage. This doesn’t sound to me like it will be any different. It will just be all conservative views. what happened to being impartial and letting me decide where to stand on the issues?

    1. “what happened to being impartial and letting me decide where to stand on the issues”…
      Ask the other media outlets that question. I wonder if they will even give you the time of day. It sure won’t be aired, and if it is your question would get a token amount of time. Sure not impartial and informative.
      There is not a dedicated conservative network.
      There are many liberal / progressive dedicated networks. Many more than the big 3.
      It is yet to be seen if there will be liberal / progressive hosts with their own shows on this network.
      It sounds to me that the hosts of the show will have the liberty their views and the facts as they see them.
      That is not allowed on the big 3 networks and people have lost their jobs for expressing their views or opinions instead of sticking to the script, as well as being blacklisted which practically ends their careers.
      By the way, I am not affiliated with this network or site. I am one person expressing my views and opinions about what I have read. And I am seriously considering spending money for good journalism since it can’t be found anywhere else! However, I will do more research before I do and hope to find these people in other online places expressing their views and evaluating how they do it.
      I have heard the name Mark Levin but not the other hosts before this article.
      But that is the extent of my exposure.
      I have been looking for someone who will tell the truth to the American people without blowing up headlines that rarely if ever turn out to be fact reliant truth.
      If facts turn out to be true but do not fit the liberal / progressive agenda on the other networks they are ignored or receive a token amount of time at an inconspicuous moment in the broadcast with the person speaking in a lower tone and softer voice which brings little or no attention to the truth being different than what has been previously aired.

  3. I’ve enjoyed watching Mark Levin’s show since it’s inception. Gave up on cable Tv some time ago. Using Roku to watch Levin, Netflix, Hulu etc. No need for cable anymore. Fox has sold out too with exception of Sean Hannity. So I watch his clips on YouTube.

    I look forward to this new venue.

  4. OMGosh I am so glad to read this great news!! I have been boycotting FOX news since the summer. There are anything but “Fair and Balanced” The only thing I watch on Fox is “The Five”. I love The Great One, Michelle and Mark. Thank you so much for doing this!! It will be a huge success!

  5. I wait … and I wait … and I wait for fair, firm and impartial news reporting. I don’t want to be led, to be told, to be preached to, to be dumbed down, to be blinded or blind-sided, to be seated among the Proles for my hourly dose of INGSOC bullsh;t, or to be GASLIGHTED on a daily basis. I stopped seeing all of the so-called majors, because I detest smug partisan liars. If you can walk the walk, then count me in. I shall walk beside you. Only don’t ever lie to me.

  6. Thank goodness. Cannot wait sick of FOX, Megyn Kelly. When I want to watch FOX I tune into CNN. Sad when HLN (annoying female voice) is the best morning show on cable

  7. I Can’t wait… Let me tell you… I have not watched ANY news, FOX, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC.. NONE OF THE BIG MEDIA OUTLETS….. since Obama took office for the second time… the lies… and all the b.s. made me physically ill… i mean.. yes… I vomited… So this will be soooo, refreshing to Heard the truth no matter if we like it or not…. we will hear it with no lying, or liberal B.S.
    I thank you..

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