A Pastor Brave Enough to Stand Against Sharia

The United West

“The single biggest threat to America today is Islam”

Dr. Don McKay, the Senior Pastor of a Baptist Church in Michigan, known within the Metro Detroit area for having strong biblical preaching and dynamic worship.   Previous to his Pastoral leadership in Michigan, Pastor McKay served as the senior pastor of a Baptist church in Windsor, ON Canada for 15 years where he gained national recognition for his stand against Islam.

Pastor Don McKay is once again taking a stand, to speak out against Sharia!  He is BRAVE ENOUGH to take that STAND, because of what he sees happening within the Christian community and within his local community:

The Interfaith Movement in Michigan is powerful and diligently working to elect as the next Governor of Michigan, the Muslim Brotherhood manufactured candidate, Abdul El-Sayed.  The effects of the Interfaith Movement are huge, and Pastors are being manipulated into believing that the Koran & Bible are from the same “Abrahamic Faith”.  They are NOT, and any Pastor teaching this is going against Christian Scripture.  http://www.tilproject.com/chrislam-exposed

Will Michigan Christians wake up to Pastor McKay’s dire warning prior to the August 7th Primary, which is coming closer every day?



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3 thoughts on “A Pastor Brave Enough to Stand Against Sharia

  1. This man is not a man of God and does not represent real Christians. I am embarrassed to have him come from my great state of Michigan.
    He’s going to be pretty surprised if he ever sees Jesus and finds out he is a brown skinned, non English speaking person of Middle Eastern descent (where does this ‘pastor’ think Bethlehem et. al is located?)
    Shame on him. Shame on anyone who believes his very skewed rhetoric.

  2. The devil is sly isn’t he? Christians joining Muslims against gun violence. I will take that one step further, How about Christians join Muslims against machete violence. Christians don’t lose your head over this issue!

  3. Many thanks to Pastor McKay for wearing the belt of Truth and standing firm in the faith. There will be many who buy into the lies of chrislam. Let’s stand in the gap and pray for all Christians to know the truth and not be led into temptation and to be delivered from all evil. I’ll pray for Pastor McKay daily.

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