#TRUMPDreamers?? Lindsey Graham confident Trump will agree to DACA Amnesty

BIZARRO WORLD: Lindsey Graham tweeted this meme on January 25 2018.

On Friday, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham tweeted a video of himself with a group of illegal alien activists. In the tweet, Graham breathlessly reports: “Great to speak with these young people who will be #TRUMPDreamers.”


Perhaps Graham missed the memo, but Americans voted for Trump in part because of his strong stand against illegal immigration. Additionally, Americans voted for this president due to their intense distrust for the Republican establishment of which Lindsey Grahamnesty is firmly entrenched.

Today, he doubled down, using the insanely out-of-touch and seriously offensive hashtag:

It appears that Lindsey Graham, an establishment republican and well-known amnesty advocate, is confident that President Trump will make a deal that will grant amnesty to DACA recipients and most likely, their families.

What Lindsey Graham MUST know is that the push for DACA Amnesty is a highly organized, decades-old goal of a chilling and little known organization called NAKASEC.

NAKASEC (and their Chicago affiliate HANA Center) was founded by fugitive activist Yoon Han Bong who fled from South Korea during the May 18th Gwangju People’s Uprising of 1980 and became a “primary contributor to the progressive Korean American grassroots movement.” 

Yet here he is.



The question is: Is it possible to be any more out of touch than Lindsey Graham? It is this author’s fervent hope that President Trump stops listening to this man.



Author: renee nal

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8 thoughts on “#TRUMPDreamers?? Lindsey Graham confident Trump will agree to DACA Amnesty

  1. It’s one thing to be an in-your-face enemy of the American people like the Left. But to be an enemy of the people by playing both sides because of pure cowardice is, in my opinion, much worse.

    Graham says he wants illegals “to have a good education.” Well, I want my children to have one too!

    Unassimilated illegals have contributed to not only the dumbing down of K-12 public education, but to the leftist indoctrination American students are exposed to every day for 8 hours.

    Graham is so scared of these La Raza indoctrinated illegal activists surrounding his house and screaming epithets, he unhesitatingly sells out real Americans who are footing the bill for this evil. How about a photo of a group of conservative Americans opposed to DACA, you know the ones Mr. Graham. The ones whose parents and grandparents came her legally. The ones who work 2 or 3 jobs so as not to be burden on others through welfare entitlements. And who are paying for illegals and their education while they have to learn the illegals’ language just to avoid being called ‘racist.’

    Graham and his buddy Durbin have enough money to flee the country after they have turned it into a third world collectivist hellhole. It’s always the forgotten working and middle classes who are left to suffer.

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