FLASHBACK: Socialist khalid kamau helps Stacey Abrams in Georgia

Stacey Abrams with khalid kamau (screenshot from Dec 2017 photo on Twitter)

Little-noticed video evidence has been uncovered confirming that socialists were deeply involved in Stacey Abrams’ campaign from the beginning.

On April 8 2018, the hard-left “Working Families Party” (discussed glowingly here at the Communist Party USA website) held an event in support of Stacey Abrams’ bid for the democratic gubernatorial nomination in Georgia, which was ultimately successful.

Rep. Renitta Shannon addresses the Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America meeting on April 1 2018

One of the speakers was openly-socialist South Fulton city councilman khalid kamau (he does not capitalize his name), a member of Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America. Other speakers included DSA-affiliated Rep. Renitta Shannon (Georgia State House Representative) (also see here), and Senator Nan Orrock.

As an aside, kamau claimed on Oct 22 2018 that Black Americans are being “blocked” from voting in a video he posted on Twitter:

Georgia State University professor and verified Twitter socialist Alex Sayf Cummings, who has described himself as a “Libyan, trans, socialist” posted a short video of the event.

“I am a socialist…We are not just as many…democrats – fighting to turn #Georgia blue. Because that’s not enough…We want to turn Georgia DEEP blue, REAL blue…please connect with any of us…We got about 40 days to get Miss Abrams the democratic nomination.. So if you’re not working on her campaign, if you’re not knocking doors for her or some other deep Blue, Progressive ‘Working Families’, Socialist candidate, connect with somebody in here because there are a couple of us in here that can get you connected.”



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