MARXIST DEMOCRATS PART 1: Ali Khorasani for U.S. Congress, Texas’ 2nd Congressional District

Ali Khorasani

Several hundred communists and socialists will run for public office on the Democratic Party ticket this year. One of them is Houston activist Ali Khorasani, who is vying for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, from Texas’ 2nd Congressional District.

Ali Khorosani describes himself as a “bisexual, biracial biochemist.” Despite the fact that Khorasani is a member of America’s largest Marxist organization, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), he leaves that part out of his campaign website, where he describes himself as a “proud Leftist Progressive with a background in chemistry and engineering.” Khorosani informs potential voters that he has been “passionate about social justice and community engagement throughout my life.” Ali Khorasani also reveals that he was selected as the “Peer Minister for Ecumenical and Interreligious Life” at St. Edward’s University and was a part of former President Obama’s “Interfaith Challenge.”

Khorasani is one of four 2018 candidates endorsed by Houston Democratic Socialists of America. Three of the endorsees are card-carrying DSA members: Franklin Bynum, candidate for Harris County Criminal Court #8; Danny Norris, for Harris County Department of Education Board of Trustees, and Khorasani himself.

Ali Khorasani supports the Maoist-led Black Lives Matter movement.

Ali Khorosani (left) with Black Lives Matter Houston Founder “Ashton P. Woods

Houston DSA has some cross-membership with the Houston branch of the Communist Party USA. For instance Houston Communist Party leader Bernard Sampson is also active in DSA and serves as a local Democratic Party Precinct chair. Ali Khorasani also appears to have a foot in all three camps.

Here are photos of Khorasani with Houston Communist Party leader Bernard Sampson and Chicago Communist Party veteran Bea Lumpkin:

Ali Khorasani with Houston Communist Party leader Bernard Sampson, 2017.
Ali Khorasani, Bea Lumpkin, Chicago Communist Party veteran. Unity Center Houston, November 2017.

Running in an open seat vacated by retiring Republican Ted Poe, against four other Democrats in the primary, Ali Khorasani would normally be considered a long shot. However, he will have the backing of several hundred East Texas DSAers, Communist Party members and young Democrats in the primary. If Ali Khorasani wins, he will have 30,000 DSA members nationwide on his team and whispering in his ear.

This candidacy should not be under-estimated. In recent months DSA has elected more than 20 members and allies to office, including DSA comrade Lee Carter to the Virginia Assembly and DSA ally Randall Woodfin to the mayoralty of Birmingham Alabama. They are now running several Congressional candidates, as well as at least two state gubernatorial campaigns – mostly as Democrats.

The writers at Act Blue appear to be encouraged by Ali Khorasani’s progress:

2017 was a very rewarding year for our campaign. A progressive millennial scientist with zero political experience (and our awesome team of supporters) have changed the status quo of politics by promoting a bold progressive message for District 2. We appeared at the Medicare for All Town Hall, various marches and rallies, the Big Hearted Texas candidate forum, and several other political events. We were second in the Democratic primary for fundraising with an average contribution of $11, and we made it to Position 2 on the Harris County Primary ballot.

Ali Khorasani is a crypto-communist running as a Democrat. His campaign is deceptive in nature and needs to be exposed. Please help spread this information throughout Texas District 2, and beyond.

Watch and circulate Trevor Loudon’s shocking documentary  The Enemies Within as widely as you can before November 2018. It is a vote changing experience.


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  1. Thanks for showing we have a problem Houston instead of what many Republicans think that Texas is all Republican.

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