Evidence of Covert North Korea/China Missile Cooperation

There is a commonly held (but very false) view that North Korea, Iran, Syria etc., are rogue nations that set their own foreign and military policies.

I believe that they are all effectively puppets of Russia and China.

Russia and China are able to sit back and feign friendship with the West, while keeping their minions in Pyongyang, Damascus and Tehran at arm’s length at least for public consumption.

Here is evidence that China and North Korea have been secretly cooperating to arm Syria.

From Russia Today:

There is evidence North Korea exported ballistic missile-related items through China to the Middle East in breach of its sanctions, says a UN report. The document is the result of an ongoing investigation into possible N. Korean arms deals with Syria.

The report was published by a team of independent investigators and presented to the United Nations on Friday after a month’s delay due to Chinese objections.

The document labels China as a middleman for the export of illicit North Korean arms-related breaches and cites evidence of shipments passing through Chinese territory.

The panel cites the case of a shipment of missile-related articles that was seized in October 2007 which originated from North Korea. It was reportedly trans-shipped in Dalian, China and was headed for Lattakia in Syria.

The team of investigators is currently looking at possible arms deals between the Asian nation, Myanmar and Syria. It underlined the fact that although North Korea continues to violate UN sanctions, there were no new reports of “violations involving transfer of nuclear, other (weapons of mass-destruction)-related or ballistic missile items.”

The West needs to stop treating North Korea as an independent nation and confront the fact that it is a tool of Chinese foreign and military policy.


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