EXCLUSIVE! The Enemies Within: The Healthcare Agenda (Video)

Barack Obama, then a presidential candidate, hugged Quentin Young at a union rally in Chicago in 2007. Brian Kersey / AP, file

Watch this exclusive clip about Obamacare – which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt – that the Affordable Care Act was “designed to fail.”

Due to time constraints, Trevor Loudon was forced to cut this clip about Obamacare from his documentary film, the “Enemies Within.” This never-before-seen footage from Trevor Loudon’s film, the Enemies Within provides indisputable evidence that President Barack Obama deliberately designed his healthcare legislation to pave the way for a single-payer system.

Obamacare was intentionally set up to pave the way for the long-time socialist vision of a “Single Payer” system, or as Bernie Sanders euphemistically puts it, as “Medicare for All.”

Watch all seven minutes and share:

“Government-run heathcare is great as long as you don’t get old or sick.” – Trevor Loudon

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In partnership with the Capital Research Center and Dangerous Documentaries, we have been working on a 5 part series called America Under Siege. We have recently released part 2 of 5 called Soviet Islam. We expose the connections to the Muslim Brotherhood and modern communist groups in the USA.

You can watch for free below:

If you didn’t get a chance to see part 1 Civil War 2017 about the anti-Trump protesters, you can view it here:

These videos are free, and we would like to encourage you to share this information with all of your friends. This is information the main stream media refuses expose.


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5 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE! The Enemies Within: The Healthcare Agenda (Video)

  1. I just have to say Trevor that I appreciate your work so very much. I love your books and I love your movie even more. I am afraid the silent majority is going to be taken over soon. We just don’t fight like the left does. Plus, when the left loses they come back fighting like a mad dog. Also, they have the media behind them.
    You, Mr. Loudon have done your part. Thank you and may God bless you, James Fisher

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