7 thoughts on “Ron Paul & Peter Schiff Were Right!!!

  1. Interesting. The inherent quailty of a capitalist economy is that it produces more than it consumes. The creators of socialism were bankers and industrialist capitalists.

    The concern was that when they have saturated the market and no one wnats one anymore, what will be done with the surplus? They have invested billions of dollars in their industry and don’t want to see it fold for lack of a market.

    The solution was to create a socialistic society, whose inherent quality is that it consumes more than it can produce, as no one wants to work when the product of his labor is stolen from him, where half the world is in a perpetual state of want.

    This is a captive market to purge themselves of the surplus inevitable in a capitalist economy. The common working class is reduced to an impoverished subsistance level worker ant colony forced to toil for these merchants of iniquity who confiscate their produce and arrogate it unto themselves.

    The “ruling class” party members live high off the hog off the backs of the impoverished indentured workers who can’t even feed themselves.

    Socialism cannot even feed its own people, it cannot exist without subsidies from a overproducing capitalist economy. This has been shown repeatedly every time socialism has established itself anywhere.

  2. “Truth is treason in the empire of lies”. Ron Paul.

    Nice quote. Might steal it.

    Paul’s proposition is, however, nonsense. America has created far more wealth than it has ever consumed.

    As a nation, she has been enormously generous with other nations, some of whom have bitten her hand. The US constantly sets the bar. It encourages personal excellence – and personal ambition – as a matter of doctrine. As a nation, they consider themselves exceptional, and while there is a touch of smugness in that assertion, no dispassionate observer can deny its truth.

    America leads the way, and while other nations, my own included, can claim their share of heros, no nation compares to the USA (and to those that might point out that the US appropriated other nation’s brightest – yeah, they did, so what). And the reason why the US is pre-eminent is entirely due to her Constitution, which guarantees, in law, the freedom that her citizens need in order to excel. And all in America – and the rest of the world – benefit.

    I also take issue with Glenn Beck. He is grossly overstating the situation. He could make his point without doing so and I am a little disappointed in him.

    The only commentator in this video that I thoroughly agreed with was Cavuto (“It IS! It is TAXPAYER’S MONEY!”)

    Overstatement and hyperbole devalue the message and risk such message being dismissed in entirety. Ron Paul is beginning to sound like the right’s Ralph Nader – and will probably end up in a similar wilderness.

    The message is bad enough. Stick to the truth and leave no gap for the quibblers.

    1. My mistake. With so many personalities included in the video, I got mixed up. I meant “SCHIFF’s proposition is, however, nonsense.”

    2. …..you need to understand that money is an illusion…..until you understand this……ron paul’s message is lost…..on you at least….

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