Clinton Releases Devastating Video On Trump’s Russian Ties

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton |

I didn’t think it was possible for the GOP to bring on board a candidate that could possibly lose to the Hildabeast. I was wrong. There are not enough facepalms in this world to stop all of this.

Trump has put three or four people on his campaign team that have strong ties to Russia. I have written on it several times. He’s got some kind of lovefest going on with Putin and he defends him constantly. He’s pushing Russia’s agenda on NATO and even had the Republican plank changed to desert the Ukraine – exactly as Putin wanted. Trump won’t release his tax returns, so we don’t know the real extent of his financial ties to Russia either.

And because all of this stupid crap is floating around out there, it has given Hillary Clinton the ammunition she needs to attack Trump and eviscerate him. The video below is devastating.


From The Hill:

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Sunday released a video questioning Republican counterpart Donald Trump‘s ties to Russia.

Onscreen text at the beginning of the video says “We don’t know why Trump praises Putin,” before showing a clip of Trump calling the Russian president a “strong leader” and pushing back against criticism of Putin.

A clip then shows “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough saying that the GOP nominee always “seems to upend American foreign policy tradition in a way that benefits Vladimir Putin.”

The video highlights several of Trump’s proposals, including his calling NATO “obsolete” and pointing to a Washington Post article from last month titled “Trump Campaign Guts GOP’s Anti-Russia Stance on Ukraine.”

The video also mention’s Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s ties to a former pro-Putin prime minister in Ukraine.

It then references the trove of emails released by WikiLeaks last month that show top officials at the Democratic National Committee apparently planning how to undermine Bernie Sanders‘s presidential campaign. Experts believe the hack was likely the work of Russian intelligence agents.

“Russia if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” Trump says in the video, a reference to the messages Clinton deleted from the private server she used when she was Secretary of State. Trump later walked back that invitation, saying he was being “sarcastic.”

If Trump doesn’t cut his Russian ties and tell his talking heads like Roger Stone to stop defending Russia all over the place, he’s going to lose to Hillary Clinton. She smells blood in the political waters and is going to beat him to death with this. She doesn’t even have to try and do him in, he’s doing it to himself and he’s providing Clinton with all the material she needs to run him into the ground. He should have known all of this would come out and be used against him.

Trump has walked right into a classic political trap – one that he himself helped build. Hillary must be ecstatic over it, but she shouldn’t be. If she wins, Putin will blackmail her into submission. Somehow we have managed to let Russia worm their way into our elections and government and we had better put a stop to it and fast. There are more ways than one to conquer a country… Putin would rather do it from within.

For an excellent synopsis on the Russian threat, listen to Trevor Loudon’s most recent podcast:


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