#LoudonClear: Trevor interviews Jeff Nyquist on Russia influence


This week, Trevor interviews Jeffrey R. Nyquist, geopolitical expert and author of “Origins of the Fourth World War: And the Coming Wars of Mass Destruction.” This particularly frightening episode of LoudonClear delves into what happened to the communists after the cold war, the Russian propaganda machine and Donald Trump’s Russian ties.



Author: renee nal

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7 thoughts on “#LoudonClear: Trevor interviews Jeff Nyquist on Russia influence

  1. Influence?..

    Just ability to wipe all of you out with all your high-techs and USD printing mashines.

    Sure you’re not prepared to take this serious enough.

      1. Me?.. Let’s pray. (It’s raining here just now, sic).

        Otherwise you may smile.

        After you’d smiled enough you may learn they’ve got a scenario for all of you, too. Carefully elaborated.

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