Battered America Syndrome

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

The assault on the Constitution and our Founding Principles has accelerated. Americans seem to be assailed by Marxist/Progressive propaganda at every turn. The most serious threat to our God-given rights currently, is the attack being mounted on the Second Amendment by the Progressive Left. They worked hard to manufacture a crisis with the Fast & Furious project which, to their disappointment, was exposed for the corrupt scandal it was before it could be leveraged to generate the outrage they hoped for. Their prayers for violence and horror, however, were answered. Using ginned up hysteria from convenient, current mass shootings and the slaughter of children – they never let a crisis go to waste. The Marxists see an opening to gut the Constitution and they are making their move. We dare not passively wait to be stripped of our rights.

The time for physical resistance has not yet arrived. Violence is always the very last resort. But neither has the time to just protect your own. Yes, we should take stock of our food, ammo, weapons and survival materials. Yes, we should brief our families and be more vigilant in protecting them. Yes, we should get to know our neighbors and form alliances. No, we should not just regroup and wait. That is a swift path to dictatorship. Pray for the best, plan for the worst. People should be doubling down on calling their politicians and letting them know that we are massively against these fascist moves towards banning and confiscating our guns. This is a battle we cannot — must not — lose, not if we wish to avoid civil conflict and bloodshed. This is it, boys and girls. We are fighting for all the marbles here. Throughout history, each time there is a genocide (or, “ethnic cleansing”), arms are regulated, registered and confiscated. Obama is threatening to go down that path and he relishes the thought.

This is the fight of our time and we will not submit to tyranny forced on the American people. That is not how this country was built and patriots will not sit this dance out. We must stop this abridgement of the Second Amendment at the government level or the fabric of America will be torn asunder. This is what Obama wants – he wants to ban guns, force every gun owner into a gun registry and then he wants widespread confiscation of our weapons. Patriots at that point will fight back and Obama also wants that, so he has an excuse to kill and imprison those who stand against him. He would then declare martial law where he can really and truly rule as an iron-fisted dictator. It’s been his end goal all along. Before door to door confiscation though, look for bank account seizures to force registration or submission of arms, just as the IRS uses in tax collection techniques. Banks have already started using this as a weapon against gun retailers and it will only get worse.

It’s not just the Second Amendment that is being attacked here. America’s liberties are being methodically beaten and pummeled from front and back. Virtually all of our Constitutional rights are under siege. If the administration gets its way, gun prohibition will spawn new speakeasies and black markets. Our prisons will fill up with those whose religious rights are violated under Obamacare, those who won’t relinquish their guns, people who are subjected to illegal search and seizure, as well as surveillance and on and on, while we struggle to understand “what we did to deserve this.” Meanwhile, Obama will release into the populace the real criminals, causing more violence and chaos. “For our own good,” of course. Obama will keep pushing Cloward and Piven and collapse the financial system. He will encourage “localized” Shariah law and pull more and more of the Muslim Brotherhood into our government. Massive amnesty for illegal immigrants is also in the political cards. Yes, it will hurt employment and wages, but we probably “had it coming.” For those who think I am an alarmist, you better take a long, hard look at what is happening. It is right in front of you. The systems are being overwhelmed with so many small fires, they cannot all be extinguished and anyone who tries will fail from exhaustion. It is the Soros school of regime change.

“Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” ~ Mao Tse-Tung

We have the Police Chief in Chicago now stating that it doesn’t matter if you are licensed legally to carry a firearm – if you are armed, the Chicago police will shoot you. Armed gangs are ruling our major cities and Obama wants to disarm the people, so the only ones who have guns are the criminals. The NRA’s membership has skyrocketed in the last month by 250,000 and Americans are now carrying MORE guns than before. They are patrolling neighborhoods and protecting those under attack. Walled communities in isolated regions are beginning to surface as well. Americans will try anything and everything to protect themselves.

Many of the actions by this President are, in my opinion, impeachable offenses. If Obama uses an Executive Order to forward the banning and confiscation of guns, he will be in direct violation of the Constitution and should be impeached. I have no faith our politicians will do so, though. They don’t have the spine for it, much less the political will. If they don’t move against him, soon he will control solely through the Executive branch with no fear of reprisal. Our 3 branches of government will not matter, nor will the Constitution. This has to be stopped.

Everywhere you turn now, you hear the whispers of resistance. Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and Michael Savage among many others are ringing the warning bells. Our leaders should listen and carefully. I wonder, will it take a “burning bed” event before the abuse will stop?

Sultan Knish on Crime and Disarmament:

The old urban lesson of the seventies is that the difference between civilization and the jungle is security. And there is no substitute for security, whether it’s the security of one man with a gun, or a very expensive police department of men with guns carrying out the marching orders of statistical analysts.

The political left has forgotten the lesson of Willie Horton in its arrogance and its base of metal working artists in converted warehouses has forgotten the lessons of that old Times Square that they never visited, but still nostalgically pine for. And as they work to disarm the people and dismantle police forces, it is inevitable that it is a lesson that they will be forced to learn again.

We are suffering from Battered America Syndrome. As Tammy Bruce has astutely pointed out, Obama is like the abusive husband who beats his wife and tells her it is for her own good. In fact, the abusers have formed a gang called the “Progressive Left.” They are ruling as bullies would and they don’t plan on ever leaving. The unvoiced threat is that if we push them, they will beat us to death. But, you know what? This battered spouse is a fighter and will fight back with all the courage and fury they can muster. Any bets on who will be left standing?


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3 thoughts on “Battered America Syndrome

  1. Well done article but again you have mentioned lucifers sheeple the three clones of one world goverment any one on news today are puppets especially these three plus Reilly and how many more like Morgan and other well placed mouth pieces for the rothschilds and those others of high ranking authority from lucifer

  2. Armed insurrection is never off the table. Democrat/communists only wish that it is. They will either rule the day or rue it.
    We might be governed,but We will never be ruled.

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