Trump Will ‘Negotiate’ With The New Axis Of Evil – Has No Clue Concerning National Security

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton |


Donald Trump is simply terrifying when it comes to our enemies and national security. What we need is a leader who will deal from a position of strength, not negotiate from a meeting room. Trump may be a businessman, but when dealing with the New Axis of Evil, we need a warrior, not a deal maker. We’ve had enough of that with Barack Obama.

Trump’s positions on our adversaries goes well beyond clueless and naive… I believe he wants the presidency because he’s on a power kick and it will enrich him immeasurably, while bailing him out of financial difficulties. It’s the ultimate get-rich scheme and so many have fallen for it. Hillary Clinton would be a deadly disaster on the national security front as she would carry forth what Obama has started… reducing our military might even more, while taking kick-backs from the likes of China, Russia and Middle Eastern players. Trump may be just as bad. He claims he will rebuild the military, but he is aligning himself with strongman Vladimir Putin. That is a recipe for war. Either Putin will play Trump for a fool, or Trump would throw in with him on global expansionism and dictatorial mandates. Either way draws the US into a war, one that we probably cannot win in our weakened state.

You can see indicators all over the place concerning what lies ahead with our enemies under a Trump presidency. It doesn’t take a Cassandra to tell you what is coming.

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5 thoughts on “Trump Will ‘Negotiate’ With The New Axis Of Evil – Has No Clue Concerning National Security

  1. We do get it Doug. We know Hillary is a communist and will try to destroy America through amnesty, and taking over the Supreme court. We just think Trump will surrender Europe to the Russians, likely lead us into a major war that we will lose, will renege on amnesty and will corrupt American politics beyoond saving. Trump is the LEFT Doug. he just pretends to be one of us.

  2. In the 2016 presidential race, I am not interested in moral purity. I am interested in defeating the left and its party, the Democratic Party. The notion (expressed by virtually every #NeverTrump advocate) that we can live with another four years of a Democratic president is, forgive me, mind-boggling. To that end, with at least one, and probably multiple, additional leftists on the Supreme Court, a Republican presidential victory in 2020 would mean little. All the left needs is the judicial branch, especially the Supreme Court. Left-wing judges pass so many left-wing laws that they render those who control Congress, and even the White House, almost irrelevant.
    What is worse is that these “NeverTrump” Republicans are the only hope of the Clinton campaign. The Washington Post will joyously run these kinds of attacks against Trump from the right every day of the week and twice on Sundays. The only way the left can retain power is if the GOP is a house divided. The anti-Trump camp is enabling Clinton — and if they’re as smart as they think they are, why don’t they get this?

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