‘Interstellar Migration:’ FDR explored sending ‘surplus’ people to outer space

FDR as a young man via Daily Beast
FDR as a young man via Daily Beast

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt explored the possibility of sending refugees from WWII to the planets Mars or Venus. The highly secretive research was titled the “M” project for FDR: studies on migration and settlement and was headed by anthropologist Henry Fields

The 66-volume study of population problems was eventually declassified and re-discovered by Mother Jones reporters in 1983 at the Temple University Library in West Philadelphia. According to Fields,

“Roosevelt ordered the massive research project so his administration would be prepared to deal with the millions of people left homeless as well as ‘surplus’ population in the postwar world.”

In addition to exploring remote areas of Africa or the Caribbean, one of the chapters of the report was “Interstellar Migration,” which claimed that “temporary quarters may eventually be established on Venus or Mars.”

The study was “clandestinely financed by $180,000 in ‘unvouchered funds’ from the White House, more than 50 people cleared by the FBI and sworn to secrecy worked on the project for four years,” according to Fields.

The same president who forced innocent Americans into internment camps, imposed a massive unsustainable Ponzi scheme on Americans known as Social Security and appointed a prominent member of the Ku Klux Klan to the supreme court (the same man who took a phrase from an obscure letter by Thomas Jefferson completely out of context to justify taking prayer out of schools, but the author digresses) emphasized that “the resettlement of millions of refugees would not only be desirable from a humanitarian standpoint, but essential from a military point of view, ‘for the disconcerted can and will cause trouble, serious trouble.'”

The report concluded that “the idea of sending by rocket the Earth’s surplus population looks at the moment highly impracticable.” Nevertheless, “President Harry Truman authorized increased funding for the project after Roosevelt died in 1945.”

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