Four suspects face charges from violent anti-Trump riots in San Jose

San Jose Trump rally suspects
San Jose Trump rally suspects

The local Fox affiliate reported Tuesday that the San Jose police department released the names of four suspects that are being held on various charges stemming from the rampant violence that occurred during a rally for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Thursday.

As documented with testimony and videos at, the horrific violence in San Jose appears to have been preventable, but for incomprehensible reasons, police were not authorized to intervene. As observed at the time:

“The question is whether these officials are so blind to their own politically correct ideology that they have become neutralized by anything remotely resembling common sense, or even more frightening: that the mayor and police chief wanted Trump supporters to know that their kind is not welcome.”

The local ABC affiliate reports that “more arrests are imminent.”

Here are the four currently being charged:

  • Suspect 1: Ahmed Abdirahman (top left): 19 years old, a Santa Clara resident, booked on a felony charge of assault with a deadly weapon.
  • Suspect 2 (top right):  Robert Trillo, 18 years old, a San Jose resident, booked on a felony assault with a deadly weapon charge.
  • Suspect 3 (bottom left): Antonio Fernandez, 19 years old, a San Jose resident, booked on a felony assault with a deadly weapon charge.
  • Suspect 4 (bottom right): Michael Kitaigorodsky, 19, a San Jose resident, booked on a misdemeanor charge of refusal to disperse.

The anti-Trump protests are organized by radical socialist groups such as the incredibly dangerous “Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSLweb),”, SEIU, and Freedom Road Socialist Organization (two separate factions) and the Democratic Socialists of America.  Some groups, such as the ANSWER Coalition and The Red Nation, are front groups for PSLweb.

It should be noted that the groups above and their allies have also heavily organized many other astro-turf “movements” such as Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter.

It is not certain whether the men above have any connections to these “organizers” or if they are just local thugs who took advantage of the chaos. In the meantime, the video documentation clearly shows many people engaged in violence at the San Jose Trump rally on Thursday who are not pictured here. It is unclear why they were not arrested at the time they were attacking innocent people.

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7 thoughts on “Four suspects face charges from violent anti-Trump riots in San Jose

  1. The Mayor Sam Liccardo and the Police Chief Garcia should be immediately removed from office and arrested for their involvement in the physical and violent attacks against Trumps supporters by the Liccardo/Garcia supported gang members, criminals and Terrorists. Unfortunately today in this country there are some Terrorists and/or Terrorists supporters in office such as Mayor Liccardo who lead violent campaigns as this against those who don’t support their agenda and using criminals and Terrorists is not below them proving them to be sewer dwelling gutter rats.

  2. Too little too late oathbreakers, the only reason you did anything was because of the backblow you are getting and the lawsuits pending, otherwise you’d be doing NADA, ZERO, ZIP. You all are race baiting hatemongerers and you stood 10 feet away from a man getting sucker punched, a woman getting pelted with eggs and did nothing but watch. Am I wrong? isn’t attacking someone for no reason called ASSAULT AND BATTERY?

    Further, those young punks that you “arrested” will most likely be given a small fine and released with you slapping them on the back, and joking with them.

    Im talking to that disgusting mayor-who feels he only has to answer to “certain” people (not necessarily Americans), the police chief (a racist oathbreaker) and all the LEO oathbreakers who felt following an illegal order was more important than American lives – “I vasss only following orders” didnt work out too well for those guys at Neuremberg, did it?

    And, Btw, someone could have gotten killed because of your political agenda.

  3. I am really confused! I always thought that while you were breaking the law, you got arrested! Imagine being uncivilized and allowed to create fear & terror in innocent people and then just go home without giving any of it another thought because you are free to roam!! They “may” come looking for you when the chaos is totally over & doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal now! WTF!!?

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